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Ibuprofen Is A Helpful Pain Reliever

I've taken Ibuprofen, both OTC 200 mg and prescribed 800 mg, for many years. My experiences with this drug have mostly been OTC, but in the last two years my doctors has prescribed the 800 mg dose.

I find Ibuprofen to be one of the most effective pain relievers I can buy OTC. Ibuprofen works well for me for arthritic pain (I've dealt with this condition for over 20 years) and find in most cases, Ibuprofen is great for mild to moderate pain. It's the best NSAID I take for this level of pain. It also works well when I have migraines (which isn't often, usually only once or twice a year), but the key in this case is catching the headache early. Ibuprofen does not work for my migraines if I take it once the headache has set in.

It is also fair to note that I have an unusually high pain tolerance. This is just how I roll. When I am in pain, it's pretty bad. I think that what I tolerate and brush off as a level 1-6 on the pain scale would probably send someone else straight to the ER or family physician for help.

That said and all things being fair, I have to give Ibuprofen two thumbs up and my full endorsement. Besides aspirin, nothing else helps my aches and pains so well that I can buy without a script.

I don't have side effects with OTC Ibuprofen as far as 200 mg doses. The 800 mg dose has made me dizzy sometimes, however. But that's the only side effect, and I get past that by not doing anything strenuous if I take that large of a dose. I think I may have some ankle swelling, too, but it's not too great. With my arthritis, I've taken NSAIDS for I guess that's expected to have some adverse effects at this stage of the game.

The only downside I see to taking Ibuprofen, OTC or scripted, is that you have to take so many pills daily. That's not good for your liver and toxicity levels. My doctor's taken me off Ibuprofen because of that.

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