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Guard Your Stomach with Ibuprofen

When Advil became available OTC I frequently took it for headaches, sinus pain, muscle aches and many types of pain, like menstrual cramps. It was very effective at that time.

However, I guess my stomach wasn't meant for all that Advil because I developed problems with taking it or any medicine in that same class - Even tho I always ate food with it and tried to protect myself from any negative effects. I had terrible reflux, heartburn, and my stomach began to hurt for several days if I took even one regular dose. I totally stopped taking it for several years because of this.

Now I take the Enteric Coated form my doctor prescribes (also has something in it to soothe my stomach) and don't have the problems with reflux or days of stomach pain that I did when taking the regular OTC type Advil. I would recommend people take the enteric coated form of this med so they won't develop problems with their stomach, because it is a common problem with NSAIDS like Advil (ibuprofen).

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