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Meloxicam for Oestoarthritis

I am currently taking meloxicam for osteoarthritis. I don't have a long history with this drug, but I've taken it long enough to know a bit about its efficacy. My dosage is 7.5 mg once a day.

All things considered, meloxicam has been a good drug for me. I suffer with daily aches and pains around my body, and some days/weeks/months I can have arthritic flares that are extremely painful. I've taken Ibuprofen for many years to fight my pain, and also used aspirin. My doctor and I talked about using a different pain reliever/anti-inflammatory since I need something daily long-term. As far as that goes, it's wonderful to take one little pill once a day.

I've also found this drug to be without adverse reactions. I've had no side effects to date. Meloxicam is easy on my tummy and doesn't give me any dizziness or drowsiness.

I think that the first 10-12 hours this drug works well. Or as well as I could expect for a non-narcotic med. Does meloxicam last a full 24 hours? No. I think it's fair to compare this drug with 800 mg Ibuprofen. Over the short haul, 800 mg Ibuprofen knocks moderate pain out of the park, for me. It's the best. Meloxicam comes close, but is not as good as a scripted dose of Ibuprofen.

I've been advised to take acetaminophen with meloxicam for added pain relief, which I've done on a few occasions. I don't think the acetaminophen helps, so I've discontinued adding it.

The thing I dislike the most about meloxicam is that if I get a headache, there's nothing else I can take. Adding another NSAID is not a good idea, and acetaminophen doesn't work well for me. I've had a stubborn headache since I began taking meloxicam, and I was stuck with it.

I know I'm looking for the perfect anti-inflammatory/pain reliever for my aching joints; I had high hopes for meloxicam when my doctor prescribed it. I will continue to take the med because it does help on a basic level. I didn't take it for a few days to see what the difference would be, and there was a measurable difference. It's fair to say that if my pain is a six, meloxicam can take it down to a three or four.

The best measure of this drug's success would be an arthritic flare. Fortunately, I haven't had one in awhile. If I do, that would be the best way to see how effective meloxicam is. (Or it could be that I haven't had a flare because meloxicam is doing its job. That's a positive way to look at it!) If you suffer with chronic joint pain, I recommend you try meloxicam. Some people say this med gets rid of their pain completely. I wouldn't say that, but meloxicam makes enough of a difference for me to continue taking it.

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