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Naproxen Doesn't Help My Arthritis

I began taking Naproxen in 2008 when it was recommended by a family member. I was told that a friend of my mother's took Naproxen daily for her arthritis and the drug helped immensely. This friend took only one pill every 24 hours and said she was pain free. My mother said that her friend suffered with arthritic flares as badly as I did.

I took my mother's advice and bought OTC, generic Naproxen. I began taking one Naproxen each morning. At that time, I had terrible flares which caused pain in my hips, hands, and left knee. During the first few months of taking Naproxen, it seemed that one tiny OTC pill was the answer to my prayers. My arthritic flares rate on the pain scale of 8, just so you know how badly I hurt. I can function, but it's difficult. The more I move around, the better, but getting out of bed is the hardest part of the day. Plus, I work at a desk all day long, so I cannot stay in motion.

After a few months of taking Naproxen, one pill wasn't helping. I increased the dose to two pills, which is the maximum you can take. I didn't want to take more than that, although I think you can take one more pill every 12 hours. I am concerned about NSAIDS and pain relief damaging my liver. Anyway, two pills didn't seem to do much either. There was some relief, but my pain was still at a 5 or greater.

Another thing I found while taking this drug was it didn't help with headaches. I do not get headaches too often anymore, but when I do, I need relief. Typically 800 mg of Ibuprofen will take away my headache (unless it's a migraine). Naproxen did nothing for headache pain, and still does nothing for my headaches. I've tried to take the drug again, from time to time, to see if it was the answer to my aches and pains (headaches, arthritis, etc).

I have never had Naproxen work as well for me again. I wonder if it was a placebo effect? It's a shame, because taking less drugs (1-2 pills daily as opposed to aspirin/Ibuprofen/acetaminophen every 4-6 hours) is a godsend for me. I also want relief from my pain. Naproxen didn't help.

I didn't receive any side effects from this medicine while taking it.

I wish I had the same results as others who take this drug. It seems to work very well for some people.

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