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Serax and Me

I was prescribed Serax years ago for anxiety and panic attacks. It was one of many different anti-anxiety medications the doctor rotated and tried for my problems.

In my experience Serax is not a fast-acting medicine which gives you fast relief. It seems to take longer to have an actual effect of it working. More like a gradual creeping, as it builds up in your system maybe? The good part is it lasted longer than most other medications for this problem and I didn't have to take something every 4-6 hours, which I did with most of the other meds the doctor tried before. I went to just 2, maybe 3, times a day.

Fortunately, I didn't have any really negative side effects from the Serax. I will say that it was overall more sedating than most other benzos I had taken. As far as long lasting, Serax is similar to Valium. It's effects seemed more like Xanax though.
I have a friend who was prescribed Serax once and while taking it, she experienced problems with memory loss, exhibiting abnormal behaviors for her (like she was sleep-walking, no memory of it afterward), but perhaps her dose was too large or her tolerance too low to those type meds.
It's a chance one takes with Serax because it's similar to Xanax in some ways, such as short-term memory loss and "waking amnesia", I guess you could call it (or on "auto-pilot").

Disclaimer: I believe mine were red and white capsules, which I didn't see above. It has been a few years and I cannot say if what changes, such as manufacturers or ingredients, have occurred to change
what I experienced from Serax. I can only tell you that it worked for my anxiety and panic attacks in the time frame when my doctor prescribed it for me, kept me calm and less stressed, with less peaks and valleys.
Hope this helps someone else.

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