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Two very different tramal expiriences

first time i came into contact when i w/d from the great white.
(color white because this was the color i got it.this is why i did not understand for a long time what
brown sugar ought to be)
the first 4-5 days i took 200-300 mg every 4-5 hours,it kept the bone pain away. it really brightened my mood and helped with the wd
ALOT. as time went by i tapered down to 100 mg / 3 times a day.
this went on for a year or so,but by then i had problems falling asleep.
ok, so i took xanax to fall asleep.but i could sleep only 4 hours at night and would feel groggy all day.
because could'nt sleep more than 4 hours a time ,i felt very bad after getting up ,bones aching,depressed.
to get it out of my system, i went to sauna every other then i went to another place and could not get it anymore and had cold turkey w/d.
a few years later a dr prescribed lquid tramal.i did not take any opiates for quite some time then .what a difference exp from the first time!
Initially, tramal induced a very strong euphoria not unlike the euphoria of a true opiate(close to my beloved white), but distinctly different.
It caused complete euphoria and calm at the same allowing me to nod on it if I wanted, or be out and about on it if I wanted. It was always stimulating, in that it was less "apathetic" for lack of a better term than the white opioid, but quite sedating, too.
so the second time around i was pleased with the generally subtle, mood-lifting and comforting effects.also no prob sleeping the night through.
secound time round i just took 200-300 mg a time a day..and then 2-3 day off.
a real kicker was when mixed it with low dose lorazepam (and some cannabis)
another change in location and i was off it after 4 months .

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