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There are two kinds of people: people who hate tramadol and people who LOVE tramadol. Both of these groups should probably stay away from this drug. I've been taking tramadol for close to 15 years and it does absolutely nothing to help with pain. I get a stronger effect from advil, seriously. But tramadol does have an anti-depressant effect that I can't seem to fully give up. I basically take it simply to avoid withdrawal symptoms. I wouldn't really call that an effective medicine. It does work at first though, I will give it that. And by "at first" I mean for the first few years. But you won't find many long time users who are excited about taking this crap anymore. We just have to or feel the wrath of depression. We don't even have the benefit of getting high off of this drug, it may be even dumber than smoking cigarettes. Ok, maybe its not as bad as that. At least it's a less expensive habit than pretty much anything else.

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