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Tramadol for pain, works for me

I have fallen arches, ligament and nerve damage in my feet. I can't even go grocery shopping with out regretting it the next day. I've tried anti-inflammatories, hydrocodone, $400 insoles, and tramadol.
I took hydrocodone (5-15 mg a day) for years before I found tramadol. It worked for a long time but then became not as effective (only helped for 2hrs max). Also I was self medicating as this was before any diagnosis so it became quite pricy and hard to find.
So after finally being diagnosed I discovered tramadol. It kills the pain for much longer (5-8 hours). Also I don't feel as messed up. There is a buzz, especially when you first start taking it, but it doesn't make you as fuzzy. I currently take 150-200 mg a day.
It is the only thing that works for me.
Unfortunately it is incredibly habit forming and the withdrawals are horrible. I took loritabs for years (1 or 2 10mg tabs every day) and never experienced withdrawal symptoms like this. So it's a slippery slope my friends but when you have pain and your livelihood depends on your ability to work, you make tough decisions.
In short: works great for pain, may make you a little drowsy at first but this passes, can cause constipation like opioids, addictive so use caution and stick to your prescribed dosage. Maybe not a good idea for people with substance abuse problems.

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