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Ambien (better than a Benzo in my opinion for inso

It works and I get a great anxiolytic affect to.

I f I wasn't using this I'd be drinking to get to sleep.

Therefore, it comes on fast and wears off fast. Really helps me because I stress a lot at night.

I prefer it to any benzo, because it wears off so fast.

However, it is addictive, for me not physical (that I can detect) but definitely psychologically.

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March 05, 2016
I have suffered from chronic insomnia for decades and Ambien and Zopiclone work best for me too.
I never have had adverse effects and managed with a 7.5mg does for 20 years.
Don't know where to get them now so am suffering withdrawal.
Benzos are ok but take too long to work.
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