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I have used ambien (brand & generic) on & off for about ten years. At first I believed it was a miracle drug, it turned out to be a nightmare. My first experiences were perfect. I have suffered from bouts of insomnia for over 20 years. I took 5 milligrams my first time and worked like a charm. And this worked more or less for the next 7 years. At this point I had my 1st horrible side effect. I dont have much or any recollection except some vivid dreams. What was told to me and others was awful. I slept walked into my roommates room, babbled about needing the code, for what who knows. I even yelled at him to stop talking me "I'm sleeping'. My roommates came to the agreement I was on pcp or lsd or just lost my mind. The police and ems were called. I woke up in the hospital. I had been drug tested and came up negative for everything. I explained I took ambien & was told similar events have happened many others. The adverse effects have become more & more common to point that my girlfriend insisted (now I agree ) that I stop. Last summer a similar event happened where I remember taking my nightly dose then waking up in the ER. Again no drugs found in my system. My behavior was so disturbing my roommates asked me to leave. I have no recollection of anything I did but wanted to drive to work, @3am & only in boxers. This drug scares me. I have read many more experiences like mine. I was told by multiple doctors this is safer than Xanax or Klonopins. This Is simply not true. There are warnings that come with or on the script stating It (ambien, brand or not) may cause sleep walking, eating, driving or even having sex w/ no memory. I thought this was a joke. Its not. It is a rare side effect but bad enough I will never take it again.

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