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zolpiderm 12.5 er

I have taken the brand Ambien 12.5 for years. It has worked so well for me. January 2017 I found out it is not covered. I had such a bad reaction to Zolpiderm years ago. I was very nervous to take the generic again. I called Sanofi, who manufactures Ambien. They told me to take Zolpiderm manufactured by Winthrop. Walgreens was kind enough to order it for me. I can tell you IT DOES NOT WORK! I dont know what to do. I am fighting with Blue Cross. My doctor is working with me to try to get this drug covered. Does anyone have any suggestions. This Zolpiderm made me feel jittery, and I had horrible dreams when I finally fell asleep. I finally had to take half a xanax. I dont know what to do. Please help!

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February 17, 2017
Their prices are HIGH ! for ED Meds
February 24, 2017
Hi ,

why don't you take ( Escotalopram 20 mg + Clonizapam 0.5 mg ) combination Drug , i am sure this will help you out
April 25, 2017
I have been on Zolpidem non stop since January 2, of 2000, that is, like, 17 years in a row.

Sanofi the top dog in the world, gave you outstanding information. I happen in my years to have
sampled ..........geez lost mfg count, well over 12 maybe 15 different mfg, especially since May
of 2007, when if one lives in the USA the patent finally expired, by 2008 there were sixteen generic
firms fighting over the "opportunity" to make a buck in the USA 50 states.

I agree the best generic is made by Winthrop, can't say much more except for me, it is across the pond
from North America. Sanofi world headquarters of course used to be Sanofi Pasteur MSD SNC 8 rue janas Salk
69367 Lyon cdx 07 France

My USA American Medical Association Board Certified Psychiatrist with of course a DEA license, prescribes me this
USA Schedule IV Z hypnotic, the no 1 selling controlled substance in the USA since around the year 1990/91* Technically,
Trazodone has taken the lead, I hate this non DEA drug, a failure of a anti depressant, but, USA MD's love to
prescribe it because of no to almost near zero addiction potential, the side effects makes most people very punch drunk
drowsy never euphoric, and, a nasty hangover dose dependent, if one gets into 100 or 150 up to 200 mg per night, been
there done that for 9 years in addition to my choice Zolpidem Tartrate. I settle with I call a Grade B "above average"
not necessarily excellent, but the India based, world headquarters with a USA production facility for Torrent Pharma. for
my RX script of the 10 mg. that, is what one national chain USA pharmacy supplies, for me, which for me is Rite Aid chain.

You are not alone, the royal scam is the brainwashing that USA generics are equal to the original. I cannot go there but
feel I could give a 50 minute lecture with no notes on that subject I have done massive research on with Orange Book FDA
ratings and all kinds of bioequivalence and all kinds of bioavailability tests and believe me there are some sorry choices
in the USA for us normal income folks who need to get our RX filled with a quality substitute for very pricey brand name
Ambien USA Stilnox many, many countries of the modern industrialized world, and, many other Grade A choices such as
Gador Somit of Buenos Aires Argentina 10 mg Instant Release also available in Paraguay South America by Gador S.A.
Darwin 429, C1414CUI Buenos Aires, Argentina, also, used to be marketed in a neighbor country called Bolivia South
America. Grade A+. I have not seen one in about, 8 years, a solid 8 hour non stop flight out of MIA Miami Int'l Arpt
to Buenos Aires, Argentina via used to be 3 different air carriers.

Correction Zolpidem C-IV USA is not has been the top selling brand or generic of a HYPNOTIC but not a controlled substance

Alprazolam, and, other meds are in far ahead in annual Rx's filled (can't go into details) it is public info just have to
do some searching on favorite search engine. Clonazepam, and hydrocodone with APAP, the latter has a huge lead over the
Z drug for sleep Zolpidem. Stilnox is a Groupo III in Mexico, one needs a prescription there, and, in 23 more countries,
it is available I have the list too much for me to type. Source MARTINDALE THE EXTRA PHARMACOPOEIA 38th edition London UK.

Thus actually 24 countries still market Sanofi or Sanofi licensed Stilnox. Best wishes to you,

Back a few years ago I would never ever accept any product made by RANBAXY or TEVA for Zolpidem inside the USA !!!

I paid a rip off price for years because my USA insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield took it off of their precious
formulary, and, even up until last year 2016 capped me at 90 tabs per year, rest I had to pay cash even with high priced
USA insurance, can't mention any figures but you could get a top of the line 7 series BMW for the monthly payments my
USA insurance company was charging me for a 2008 until the year 2014 !!!
3 results - showing 1 - 3