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Seems to me there are two primary questions most people want answered when ordering from an offshore pharmacy:
1. Is the place legit or is it a scam?
2. Are the meds legit or are they counterfeit?
Here's my experience with I was looking for some generic Tadalafil. In the US you can only get this as brand name Cialis, which is very expensive and usually not covered by insurance. I didn't want the hassle of making a doc appointment, waiting 3 weeks, explaining what I wanted and why, getting the third degree questioning from my doc, then have to go spend a fortune at CVS. Seems silly when generic tadalafil is available all over the world for way less.
Anyway I found, read some reviews, selected two pharmacies ( and and placed a small order with each (20mg tadalafil x 20 pills) on January 30, 2017. Honestly, I figured it was a 50/50 shot that I'd actually get the goods.
I selected the trackable, expedited shipping option, which turned out to be the USPS Priority Mail Express International. (I highly encourage you to do the same. Without this you won't know where your order is and the shipper has no way to know when or if the order is delivered. If your package gets lost you're screwed.)
Within a few hours after I placed the order I received an email from Genericdoctor asking me to call my credit card company to verify that the charge from Genericdoctor was authorized by me and was not fraudulent. At first I was very suspicious of this, but I realized that international transactions are flagged as fraud all the time. Turns out that my CC company had not flagged it and the payment went through. I returned the email and informed them that the charge had gone through. That was the last I heard from them until my order arrived on Feb 8, 2017. This was a 7 business day turnaround. I was impressed. So, in my opinion, question #1 can be answered yes. This is a legit organization and they sent me exactly what I ordered, and did so promptly.
Next, question 2, were the goods legit? The tadalafil I received was manufactured by Aurochem Pharmaceuticals, which is a large pharma company in India. I went to their website. It's a big legit pharma manufacturer. The packaging is completely what you'd expect with lot numbers, labeling, expiration dates, Manufacturing license #'s, pills marked properly, etc. I have not used any of the product yet. If I suspect the product is under-dosed or counterfeit I'll be back on here saying so. But I've used Cialis before and the effect is quite noticeable. I take a 20mg pill and simply bite off a small piece (maybe 1/10) of the pill. And the effect even with this small amount of a few mg's is very noticeable. So I am very confident that these goods are legit and I'm also very confident that I'll know the difference if they're not. If you read this review after Feb 15, 2017 and it has not been amended you can be sure that I'm pleased with the potency of the tadalafil.
So the summary here is that I'm happy with my experience with Now that I have confidence with this firm I will probably place a larger order. Tadalafil is a very handy thing to have around when you really need your performance to make an impression on your significant other.
Lastly, I HIGHLY recommend you use the expedited trackable USPS Priority Mail Express International. Without this you are rolling the dice - there's no way for either you or the shipper to know where the order is.

Thanks for reading my review.

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