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Can't say enough good things about generic doctor!

I've placed two orders with generic doctor. One in October of 2016 and one again in February of 2017. I highly recommend this online pharmacy and I'd never try any others! My first time ordering I got 10 sidenafil super active 100mg capsules. These work really really well. I have also been prescribed viagra from a Doctor here in the states and it's identical. In fact I like super active sidenafil even more because it lasts a lot longer than normal viagra - I'd say atleast 8 hours and there is a residual effect where my libido is sky high for days after taking it.
Additionally I've now gotten the normal tablet viagra from generic doctor and the super active version of cialis. I haven't tried the cialis yet and the normal viagra tablets work great. They accidentally sent me the superactice style viagra with the super active cialis instead of the normal kind of viagra and cialis and they immediately sent me not one pack of 10 viagra like I had ordered but 2! And a few extra pills on top of that! All with the fastest shipping, I got it within a week. I can't say enough good things about generic doctor. They have reasonable prices, great customer service and the pills work great. Also they have always been very reliable with the payment as well. I've always paid by echeck and they give you bonus pills for free by using that method as well. You pay using on your checks and will get a phone call from a echeck company in the USA and the just confirm your name and like address and the price I'm pretty sure if I recall right. It's like a 30 second phone call. Very easy. It's been so good to have a reliable, trust worthy pharmacy with great products at reasonable prices.

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