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Product quality / site reliability (weighting = 40%)
Fake medicines are rare, but did this pharmacy ship low quality goods? How were the medicines packaged?
Ease of website use and range (weighting = 5%)
How easy was the website to use? Did they have a drug that was hard to find elsewhere?
Price (weighting = 30%)
How cheap was your order, including shipping?
Customer service (weighting = 10%. Optional)
How good was this pharmacy's customer service (if you had reason to deal with them)? Or else how well did the pharmacy keep you informed of the progress of your order by email?
Speed of delivery (weighting = 15%)
Did your order arrive in the timeframe the pharmacy specified? Was this a reasonable time to wait?
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Didn't have order and couldn't ship to Canada

They didn't have what I ordered and they can't ship to Canada right now, cancelled the order.

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Update on November complaint; meds finally came...

My initial complaint was that I paid for an order on November 13by e-check, but received no order confirmation, despite the money coming out of my account.

After numerous emails and phone calls, I finally received my meds; it took a month to clear the matter up.

In spite of repeated requests for an order confirmation, I actually received my order confirmation number only AFTER I received my product....go figure.

BTW: The ED meds work fine; no problem there; I do hope that they get their customer service on track.

Since they eventually came through, I may order again, but I definitely won't pay by e-check: that way, if I don't receive an immediate order confirmation, I can cancel payment immediately. leverage

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Reliable, but beware

Reliable IOP. Average speed for shipping. Product is just fine. Beware though, you will be bombarded with annoying phone calls and emails from now to eternity. Don't give them a cell phone number or email address that you ever intend to use again. They're relentless when it comes to spamming their customers. I would never use them for that reason. There are other IOP's offering equal or better values that have respect for their shoppers.

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This company has crappy customer service..

I have ordered from this company 3-4 times. the last two experiences have been an utter nightmare though. Last time I ordered, I paid for their express shipping and it was anything but that. They blamed it on the USPS (United States Postal Service). I eventually got the order and chalked it up to the mail system. Now my current order was sent to the wrong city and signed for by someone else. When I placed this order, I did not receive an email with my order confirmation or tracking number. When I finally got through to someone, they danced around all my questions without giving me a solid answer as to why it was shipped to a totally different city. Once again they blamed the USPS. I could have sworn that the company labels the package before shipping? Also, since Ive ordered from them before with the same address, how it is the postal service's fault that it went to a different city? These are 2 separate cities. Their solution? We will give you 10% more on your order and reship it. So I am out the money I paid for their express shipping service and so far out the money for the medication I purchased since it got shipped to a different location. I think it's time to find another pharmacy..

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Good & Bad

If you use Generic Doctor, the first time you use them they scam your card. I've had good experiences with them in the past, but the first time I placed an order I began to notice random charges on my card that were not my own. I never used this particular card for anything else other than Generic Doctor. My bank and the stores involved immediately refunded my card. When I talked with people at Generic Doctor they feign ignorance, but when the result is that so many reviews read the same it is evident that this is a scam, if this is not a scam there internal security is horrible. It is far easier to believe the truth, scam, scam, scam.

Lars Milan
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good service meds delivered as advertized

Pills showed up in time advertised. I ordered Augmentin 1000 and received fake pills. This is a scam. Do not waist your time or money. The markings on the pills can not be found in any pill identifier. Also, they do not dissolve in water. it is most likely a painted piece of chalk.

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Constantly spammed by phone calls since order

I've ordered blood pressure medicine from this service twice, and I have no complaints with their delivery. I got the drugs as promised.

I had planned to order a third time once my current supply ran up, but I ordered from somewhere else because of one thing: their horrific customer support team constantly spammed me with phone calls telling me about specials even though I had specifically told them not to do that. I just got another call from them today.

Worst of all, they call me at my work number that I had to give them to confirm my e-check with their bank. I am not a business genius, but I can't for the life of me understand why you would have a very good customer paying a LOT of money for drugs tell you that he is happy to keep buying drugs from you UNLESS they do one thing (make unsolicited sales calls) and then proceed to do exactly that one thing, repeatedly. They have literally thrown away hundreds of dollars in future business from me by doing this.

Owner's reply

Dear Robert,

we are very sorry to hear about your experience.

Indeed this is upsetting and we definately stand with you to see how this situation can be resolved, eventhough these calls are not made by us.

You see, these days phone nombers and emails are very easily targeted without the user even knowing. There could be many scenarios of how your contact information was collected, i.e. you may have left your contact details on a specific contact or sign up form that may have then passed on to the call center.

At no point of time would we engage in unsolicited sales phone calls! We do not operate a sales team that would actively contact customers, nor do any of the mentioned phone numbers belong to us. We respect our customers and their privacy to the full extent.

May we suggest that whenever you are receiving again one of these calls to actually ask to hear more about the specials they are offering and with whom and where you can order these? This way you may be able to find out more of who is actually behind this campaign.

Thank you very much for your understanding and help!

Your GD Support Team!

Robert W.
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Don't use them - Horrible Customer Service

These people do not have a clue what's going on. We placed an order on 8-16-15 for 60 generic Nolvadex 20mg pills. We used my mom's bank issued credit card since ours cannot be used overseas. After they placed the order, they called to confirm the credit card because the card holder's name, billing and ship addresses were different (my mom's billing address and shipped to us). Since my mom was not here to confirm we called when she was here to confirm it. The rep said that the order will be forwarded to billing. We check on the order a week later and nothing was shipped. We call again, talked to "Walter", he says that nothing was in the system about confirming the credit card before charging. He says someone from billing will be calling us that day. The call never came. We call again today and hear the same story again confirming the credit card before charging. I cancelled the order. The rep says she will send a email to confirm the cancellation. Now I have to keep an eye on my mom's credit card to make sure they do not charge it now.

If you use an overseas pharmacy, we have used in the past with no problems. Only reason we tried is because the pills were much cheaper. Don't use these people, seems to be a borderline scam!!

Let's see what kind of a canned bs reply I get from

Charles Arruda
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Quality matters and it's HORRIBLE!!

I ordered Effexor and Gabapentin (Bad idea #1 and 2) from Generic Doctor in February 2015. There was a little bit of an issue with my PO Box and they called me multiple times asking why I had a separate shipping and billing address. (?? This is pretty normal as there is a lot of theft of packages these days, especially in apartments and condos.) They also told me my CC didn't go through online. Another weird thing that never happens to me. They were very friendly over the phone though and I ended up ignoring the weird stuff and just giving some lady in India my CC number over the phone (bad idea #3).

I had ordered two different products and got 1 tracking number and receipt. I assumed both products were being shipped in the same package. The package arrived VERY quickly from India to California and the tracking number worked. When I opened my package there was only 1 product in it, basically missing $130 worth. I was pretty pissed, called and left multiple messages and emails. I called again the next day and it turns out they were sending the other product separately. I had gotten no notice about this at all but whatever. The second product arrived about a week later and they sent me a 2nd tracking number.

After dealing with a bunch of different overseas pharmacies I will say that GE has some of the best customer service. Someone actually answers the phone (during business hours) and returns emails. The shipping was really fast too. But the actual product? HORRIBLE. Here are some things to back me up:

1) Quality: I have been getting Gabapentin from a US company for a while and figured I could save a couple bucks (like barely $20) on GE. I was supposed to get a 10% "free addition" for buying the most quantity of pills. Didn't get that. The pills were also so low quality, they were only about 2/3rds the strength of the US brand making the whole thing pointless.

2) Packaging: And on top of that, they came in some kind of tin foil wrapping and about 1 in 10 very totally smashed in shipping! On top of all of this, they gave me a horrible headache and didn't feel the same. Totally off.

2) Effexor: I basically had a small seizure and one of the worst days of my life from this. I am still recovering and threw every single pill away.

Bottom line is: If you can buy it from a US company, do it. Don't waste your time on low quality products. You end up losing money and being pissed!!

** Don't worry though.. be happy.. :) **

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Used to be a satisfied customer

I have put two orders in each time they told me my card was declined and do it again so I did. Well the payments came off my card and they still say it didn't process. We ordered from this company one year ago and never had a problem, but now I feel like someone is scamming us.

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e20 Cialis professional bought from Generic Doctor

I bought generic V and generic C professional...and i gotta say im disappointing with both. I have almost no effect on either. The pills taste like sugar I even wonder if they're counterfeit. I figured a good site like them wouldn't sell junk...anybody bought and had good results with them???

(Updated: September 08, 2013)
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