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Product quality / site reliability (weighting = 40%)
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Ease of website use and range (weighting = 5%)
How easy was the website to use? Did they have a drug that was hard to find elsewhere?
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Did your order arrive in the timeframe the pharmacy specified? Was this a reasonable time to wait?
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Can't say enough good things about generic doctor!

I've placed two orders with generic doctor. One in October of 2016 and one again in February of 2017. I highly recommend this online pharmacy and I'd never try any others! My first time ordering I got 10 sidenafil super active 100mg capsules. These work really really well. I have also been prescribed viagra from a Doctor here in the states and it's identical. In fact I like super active sidenafil even more because it lasts a lot longer than normal viagra - I'd say atleast 8 hours and there is a residual effect where my libido is sky high for days after taking it.
Additionally I've now gotten the normal tablet viagra from generic doctor and the super active version of cialis. I haven't tried the cialis yet and the normal viagra tablets work great. They accidentally sent me the superactice style viagra with the super active cialis instead of the normal kind of viagra and cialis and they immediately sent me not one pack of 10 viagra like I had ordered but 2! And a few extra pills on top of that! All with the fastest shipping, I got it within a week. I can't say enough good things about generic doctor. They have reasonable prices, great customer service and the pills work great. Also they have always been very reliable with the payment as well. I've always paid by echeck and they give you bonus pills for free by using that method as well. You pay using on your checks and will get a phone call from a echeck company in the USA and the just confirm your name and like address and the price I'm pretty sure if I recall right. It's like a 30 second phone call. Very easy. It's been so good to have a reliable, trust worthy pharmacy with great products at reasonable prices.

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My Experience with

Seems to me there are two primary questions most people want answered when ordering from an offshore pharmacy:
1. Is the place legit or is it a scam?
2. Are the meds legit or are they counterfeit?
Here's my experience with I was looking for some generic Tadalafil. In the US you can only get this as brand name Cialis, which is very expensive and usually not covered by insurance. I didn't want the hassle of making a doc appointment, waiting 3 weeks, explaining what I wanted and why, getting the third degree questioning from my doc, then have to go spend a fortune at CVS. Seems silly when generic tadalafil is available all over the world for way less.
Anyway I found, read some reviews, selected two pharmacies ( and and placed a small order with each (20mg tadalafil x 20 pills) on January 30, 2017. Honestly, I figured it was a 50/50 shot that I'd actually get the goods.
I selected the trackable, expedited shipping option, which turned out to be the USPS Priority Mail Express International. (I highly encourage you to do the same. Without this you won't know where your order is and the shipper has no way to know when or if the order is delivered. If your package gets lost you're screwed.)
Within a few hours after I placed the order I received an email from Genericdoctor asking me to call my credit card company to verify that the charge from Genericdoctor was authorized by me and was not fraudulent. At first I was very suspicious of this, but I realized that international transactions are flagged as fraud all the time. Turns out that my CC company had not flagged it and the payment went through. I returned the email and informed them that the charge had gone through. That was the last I heard from them until my order arrived on Feb 8, 2017. This was a 7 business day turnaround. I was impressed. So, in my opinion, question #1 can be answered yes. This is a legit organization and they sent me exactly what I ordered, and did so promptly.
Next, question 2, were the goods legit? The tadalafil I received was manufactured by Aurochem Pharmaceuticals, which is a large pharma company in India. I went to their website. It's a big legit pharma manufacturer. The packaging is completely what you'd expect with lot numbers, labeling, expiration dates, Manufacturing license #'s, pills marked properly, etc. I have not used any of the product yet. If I suspect the product is under-dosed or counterfeit I'll be back on here saying so. But I've used Cialis before and the effect is quite noticeable. I take a 20mg pill and simply bite off a small piece (maybe 1/10) of the pill. And the effect even with this small amount of a few mg's is very noticeable. So I am very confident that these goods are legit and I'm also very confident that I'll know the difference if they're not. If you read this review after Feb 15, 2017 and it has not been amended you can be sure that I'm pleased with the potency of the tadalafil.
So the summary here is that I'm happy with my experience with Now that I have confidence with this firm I will probably place a larger order. Tadalafil is a very handy thing to have around when you really need your performance to make an impression on your significant other.
Lastly, I HIGHLY recommend you use the expedited trackable USPS Priority Mail Express International. Without this you are rolling the dice - there's no way for either you or the shipper to know where the order is.

Thanks for reading my review.

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Little Long to deliver but it was Christmas time

Ordered the 20mg of Tadalafil. Received a call immediately from company confirming details of order/address etc. I then had to approve the payment thru the credit card carrier as the purchase was immediately flagged (International). I also received an email from company stating this and after approving the purchase i emailed company back saying it was approved. The exact amount was charged as specified (no other bogus charges). Ordered Dec.13th and delivered (had to sign for package) on the 30th. I did use the tracking and it worked every step of the way. Have not tried the medication yet but it did come in the blister pack w/ marked MG of tablet and paharma company. Overall, it was a good experience. I would order from again.

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Save money. Live better.

If you want lower prices, Genericdoctor has it! My first time ordering from this company and I was surprised receiving the product before the promised period. I ordered on February 10 and received the product on February 22, wow! Jaw dropping service and prices were superb. I did not expect finding a reputable and legit online store and I am giving them two thumbs up for being one. Genericdoctor is "Where you’d rather be!"

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luvn2dance is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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Looonnnngggg Time Coming

I placed an order on 12/10/15. I finally received my order on 3/16/2016. In between I had several interactions with customer service. They were always polite, but usually told me to wait "one more week". The initial order and a reship were via registered mail and as far as I could tell never left the country. The last status said "item inserted into package". Also, during that time my cc company cancelled the card I used on suspicion of fraud. Coincidence? Maybe, but I'm glad they were on top of it in any case. I also got SPAM calls after checking on the status after several weeks. The caller wouldn't identify the pharmacy, but rather said my order had been cancelled, but he could fill it with name brand meds directly from the manufacturer. He seemed to know the details of my order too which increased the creepiness factor.

In the end after one more reship, this time via EMS, I got my order, after tracking it for 12 days. The pills are legit and after the long wait, at least I'm not out any money. I would be hesitant to order again, however.

(Updated: March 29, 2016)
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Happy to order

I am happy to recommend this site because I have not encountered any problems placing the order at all!

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insomniac1 is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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The viagra worked, but they spam call the phone #

I ordered from them back in 2013 and it went fine. I got their confirmation phone call the next day and the pills a month later. Generic viagra, works the same as the regular non generic viagra, good stuff. However, about 2 years after I made the order, they kept calling me to buy more pills, I said I ordered from another place online and that I didn't give them my phone, so I know they are generic doctor and to please stop calling. Sometimes I would get these calls 3 times a day, it's ridiculous. I will continue to use alldaychemist with a prepaid visa card to avoid going through this again. If you must use this place, I would suggest getting a burner phone/temp number for a phone that you will get rid of later.

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Life is good!

Life is good when you purchase your medications from this pharmacy! Two thumbs up!

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Thumbs up!

Nothing else to say here but thumbs up for Genericdoctor and they helped me got ahead of my game!

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Happy with the result

It was my first time to try using the generic Latisse from this company and they have not failed me. Got the result I expected and I have also recommended them to my friends. I was also given a discount and will sure be ordering again from GenericDoctor. Thank you for the great experience!

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Order #2 - Longer wait and different brand.

2nd Order!
Placed order: 09.04.15
Confirmation phone call: None (wasn't expecting one)
Email that item shipped with tracking number: 09.07.15 (sent from India to USA)
Received item: 09.30.15 (26 days from placing order online)
Item condition: New, unopened, expires in a year and works as directed.

I left a positive review here for this online pharmacy before under the same name "Julie C." on Sept 4, 2015 if you want to look that up. And as promised I'm making a review for my 2nd order with them. As you can see above everything went through fine when placing the order and I did receive my items. I didn't get a confirmation call but I wasn't expecting one since this was my 2nd time ordering from them. My only complaint is the speed of delivery. 1st order = 12 days. 2nd order = 26 days. More than double the time with same shipping options and this kinda screwed up my personal schedule for this particular medication. However, I blame this mostly on the dreaded ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) sorting facility because the tracking said my package sat there for 9 days until it was shipped to and arrived at.... FLUSHING, NY 11351, less than 10 miles away. From there it only took 4 more days to reach my home several states over.

Over all I am pleased with the service and from now on will reorder my items at least a month in advance to avoid delays. One other thing, I got a different brand of my medication than the last time but it contained the same active ingredients. A quick search online told me both brands are basically the same just had different manufacturers.

Thanks again!

PS. The next time I order I'll leave another review to let everyone know how it goes too :)

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Phone calls.

After ordering they call your cell phone 10x a day trying to make sales. When asked to be removed they just hang up on you. Wish I stayed away from generic doctor.

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Turned out great

Paid by echeck since it was my first time at this sort of thing. The next day got a call from some bank in Chicago(I think) asking to verify some personal information to clear the check; was pretty simple. I placed my order around Oct. 2 and it took a bit to get through the processing either because it was an echeck and/or because shortly after I ordered their domain name was seized which had me quite worried. However I managed to contact support and the reps were very assuring and helpful even while the site was down keeping me updated on my order. They had informed me around Oct. 11 that it had shipped though the tracking # showed no information...until Oct 13, which is when their site was restored. After that it arrived in exactly a week.(paid for express shipping)
I had ordered generic sildenafil(100mg), tested it before trying it and it checked out. Tried it and it worked just as well as my prescription Viagra had in the past.
All in all, great reliable service.

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Stopped shipping to Canada

Unfortunately they do not ship to Canada anymore. I got refunded.
Not surprising as the Canadian customs is intercepting most packages and you will receive the original package, without the product, and a letter from Health Canada, asking you to reveal the shipper name, web site and all. I have received 2 letters in the past 2 years.

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Worth the wait

Ordered SILDENAFIL and it took about 2 months to receive the product. The were responsive to my emails but they claimed to have shipped the product 2-3 different times. Nonetheless, I got the product and it works like the real deal. I ordered via phone (Naomi) and used by credit union debit/credit card without a problem.

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Too many mistakes

On my first order they forgot to send the 10% more pills for paying via online banking. They apologised and promised a discount or to send more extra pills on my next order.
On my second order they asked me to pay more then I owed. My bill was 50 US Dollars but they asked for 50 Euros. They were unable to sort things out after a few days of mail exchange.
There will be no third order

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mixed service

I've ordered twice from them. For what ever reason my credit card never works and i end up having to call them to place both orders. That's annoying but manageable. The chat function hasn't always worked, but I've always been able to get an operator on the line which is encouraging. The first time the product was legit and functional and was received within a 1-3 weeks. So far, the second is not going so well. i got my order confirmation e-mail and CC charge, but then more than a month later nothing arrives. Maybe it's because the german postal service isn't as reliable as in the US (I live in germany now)... but who knows. I call them and the story is that it shipped but must have gotten lost. Therefore, they are being kind enough to re-ship for free, but I suspect they never shipped it. So now I wait and see. 2 stars for the site not taking my cards which I use all the time online. 0.5 stars now for what i believe is botched shipment which they may or may not have had control over, but which is not good for me regardless.

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Shipping OK

My regular pharmacy stopped shipping all of a sudden so I tried GenericDoctor. They took the order, shipped it after 3 days and order arrived in 14 days.

Medication works as expected. Used their service once by chat, which was ok.

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Secure Company, Good Customer Service, Safe & Real

This review is really long, but I was very unsure about this whole process. I am really glad I went with genericdoctor and hopefully my review can help you make a good choice whether you are buying accutane or some other drug.

I have acne, but my doctor wouldn't give me Accutane (isotretinoin), so I went looking online. I am very pleased that I selected genericdoctor as my vendor. When I was just exploring my online pharmacy options, after I made a partial order at genericdoctor but did not complete it, I did get a couple phone calls from them offering to assist me in completing the order. I thought it was a good sign that they had real people working phones for them at least. I am pretty sure the callers were from India based on their English and the somewhat lacking quality of the phone connection. I now believe that genericdoctor is a trustworthy company, but - being unsure at the time - I wanted to protect my financial information, so I got a "NetSpend" prepaid Visa card so that I wouldn't have to use my real credit card or give genericdoctor my checking account info. (FYI, the NetSpend card is free to order online, also free to load with $ via bank transfer; the only cost I paid for this added security was a $1 transaction fee when I ordered my meds. Also NetSpend added on a 3.5% foreign transaction fee to the purchase, but many other cards probably do that anyway.) Anyway, after I decided to go with genericdoctor, when I first tried to order my meds I forgot to account for the 3.5% foreign transaction fee, so the transaction didn't go through because of insufficient funds on my prepaid Visa card. I once again got a phone call from a genericdoctor customer service rep offering to help complete the transaction. I transferred a few more dollars to my card to cover the fee. Once the funds cleared, I emailed genericdoctor and told them to try placing the order again. They called me back on the phone and said that they could not simply re-place the order because the system is designed to not store the credit card information. (Now this made me feel like I was dealing with a really reputable company. It would be easy for them to store that info in order to handle cases like mine, but instead they took the somewhat more troublesome option (for them) of keeping my financial info secure by deleting my card info after the failed transaction.) So the rep helped me place the order over the phone, retaking my credit card information.

Shortly thereafter, I got a billing confirmation email. The rep who helped me on the phone said that a shipping confirmation email should follow within 3 days of the billing confirmation. However, 6 days after I got the billing confirmation, I still had not received a shipping confirmation email, so I started an online chat with a service rep at genericdoctor. I wasn't exactly clear on what the reason was for the delay, but the rep said "I will initiate a 2nd shipment for your order." Sure enough, one day after that chat I got a shipping confirmation email, and then 8 days after that email I got 2 nondescript packages in the mail, evidently from India. Inside these packages were 200 pills (100 per package) containing what I hoped was glorious accutane. The pills themselves were just unlabeled red and white capsules, which definitely was a little concerning in light of how here in America I am used to every pill being individually labeled with some sort of identification, but the blister packs they were in were clearly printed as containing isotretinoin and looked pretty legitimate, so I took the plunge and started taking the pills. The blister packaging contained some Indian script and a warning saying "Schedule H Drug: Only to be used under the prescription of a medical practitioner" or something to that effect. Based on this, I am pretty sure that these drugs are basically the exact drugs that one would get through legitimate channels in the Indian medical system.

As of this time I have been taking the pills for 3 weeks. A typical accutane course lasts 4-5 months so I am far from seeing the full results yet, but the early signs make me confident that this is the real deal. I am not experiencing any negative side effects except for the classic accutane effect of dry skin and lips and (possibly?) slightly looser bowels. So I was feeling pretty positive about genericdoctor already when, to my astonishment and delight, about a week after I received the initial shipment of accutane (in 2 packages), I got a 3rd package in the mail from India that looked just like the first two packages. I opened it up and there were another 200 isotretinoin pills in there! I had assumed that when the rep said ""I will initiate a 2nd shipment for your order" that she would cancel the initial shipment... but apparently not! :) These pills were from a different manufacturer and were in more compact blister packaging, hence why the 200 pills could fit in one package instead of 2 packages. This second set of pills are brown gel capsule type pills, and also are not individually labeled. The blister packaging contains the same Schedule H warning as my other pills. I have not started taking these brown pills yet as I am still working through the red and white pills.

In summary, I have had a very positive experience. I didn't shop around too much for price in my search because I mostly was looking for an online pharmacy that I could trust and be confident in the meds I was getting; genericdoctor definitely lived up to my hopes there. However, I think their initial price was pretty decent, and considering that I was lucky enough to ultimately get a 2-for-1 deal I am pretty sure my cost was basically unbeatable. The only minor negatives would be that the customer reps don't have 100% perfect English (although most were 95%+), the slight delay in shipping of my initial order, and the fact that it took about 8 or 9 days for me to get my meds after payment processing, but for free shipping from India that's really pretty decent as far as I am concerned.

I know this review is really long, but I was very unsure about this whole process. I am really glad I went with genericdoctor and hopefully my review can help you make a good choice whether you are buying accutane or some other drug. (I assume they deliver equal quality with their other meds and am considering purchasing a premature ejaculation drug through them because of my positive accutane experience.)

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Worked for me but there was some difficulties

I received my product about 3 weeks after ordering it! I initially had problems regarding ordering by my Laser card so i decided to use the Bank transferring option, which worked out fine. There customer service is great but im not sure they are fully aware of whats actually going on and are a little unorganized! Overall I received my product and im very happy with it and will order again in the future.

(Updated: April 16, 2014)
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Slow and confusing...

Order ED meds in early February and they arrived 31 days later. Chat line worked well, but info was confusing and not accurate. When I inquired about the brand they sell, I was told it was from Aurachem, but was sent tablets from Tadalista. When I followed up on shipping, they never were never able to give me any info. On a positive note: I had several emails from Jana and she was always very nice and as helpful as she could be.

(Updated: April 12, 2014)
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A little slower than I hoped, but a good experienc

I ordered boring old levothyroxine (a.k.a. Synthroid), an extremely common drug used to treat under-active thyroid, which us sufferers can expect to continue taking for life. I chose Generic Doctor for its reputation and somewhat lower price compared to other reputable mail order pharmacies. I used to order from PharmacyGeoff (a.k.a. United Pharmacies) until this site warned me about credit card fraud when using PharmacyGeoff. It's too bad, because the PharmacyGeoff price is a fraction of the Generic Doctor price. I ordered on 01/28/2014 using the expedited shipping option, which was a significant cost increase, hoping to get my order in about two weeks. As far as I can tell, that was a waste of money, because the order was shipped on 02/11/20, a full two weeks after the order date. The order arrived on 02/24/2014, one day short of a full four weeks. I am located in the Midwest, USA. I suppose that isn't a terrible amount of time, but be advised not to wait until the last minute to place your order. Although there was wording in my order status that seemed to imply my order had shipped soon after I placed it, an email on 02/11/2014 informed me of the actual shipping date. Another minor annoyance was that the supplied tracking number never worked. Still, the email communication was good, and there was no indication that they were trying to fool me into thinking things were happening faster than they really were, so I give them good marks for honesty and communication.

I ordered 360 tablets, enough for a year, and I was sent four sealed bottles labeled as containing 100 tablets each, so that is a nice bonus for which I'm grateful. The bottles were tightly packed and the box was sealed with plastic tape. There was no indication that Customs bothered to open the package. The bottles are labeled as being manufactured by the Indian subsidiary of Abbott Labs with a Dec. 2013 manufacture date and a Nov. 2015 expiration date. Given the low cost of this medication and the authentic appearance of the bottling and labeling, the tablets are almost certainly genuine.

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Good experience

First, I am glad a site like this exists to compare the countless pharmacy websites out there - many of them bad or fake. When I came to this website I looked at the top rated pharmacies and only considered those with at least an average rating of 4 and at least 10 reviews, so it was a limited group. Generic Pharmacy was the most reviewed one among that group with the most consistent ratings so I went with them. I ordered on Jan 14, products shipped Jan 16, arrived in Midwest USA from overseas Jan 24th which is in the 7-14 business day window promised. I ordered just over $150 to get the 7-14 day free shipping.

In terms of experience the day you order they call you with a few questions to confirm you are you, and its a valid order - minor things like confirming address, etc. I appreciated that for security reasons although it should tell you that somewhere on the website so you expect it. They did not reach me initially my phone, left a voicemail, and left an email asking me for a convenient time to reach them - good customer service. They are all overseas so have accents but speak good english. My credit card initially rejected the charge due to it being overseas so I had to call the credit card co. to allow it but that was fine. They do tell you the charge will come from a bank in one of three countries - Hong Kong, China, and one other I forgot.

I did also speak online to live chat support and had some basic questions answered, one thing they should have is date of expiration of drugs on website. They told me minimum 2 years but I wondered if they just say that to everyone.... but when I received product both were mid to late 2016 expirations, so it was accurate. I obviously cannot speak to product 'quality' per se, since you never know but every other aspect of this operation seems quality so one assumes they want to be a long time player who provides good product for a fair price. You can find slightly better pricing at a few other places online but how many of those are just scams or have bad reviews....prices here are fair and way below what you'd pay in US. Only other improvement I'd make is website - I cannot log in as a returning user in the reorder area for some reason, and you can't see much about your existing order other than it is complete. Would be nice to see what you ordered, date you ordered, etc. But those are mior things in the big picture.

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Totally legit site. Takes 3 weeks to the states but that's due to product clearing customs. Product works and is legit however it did give me a headache afterwards.

(Updated: January 15, 2014)
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Good service

Hello, I used and found good comments about GenericDoctor, so I tried it and I want now to add my +1 here.
I received the pills in time, and they have the wanted effect, exactly like the real expensive ones.
Just one thing : the support did want to phone to me, but I said not and they proceed without phone.
Support is very good, nice people who do their possible to help.
The price is low, but their bank ask $5 more than the site announced. But it keeps price low anyway.
I recommand it.

(Updated: January 13, 2014)
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Legit Company

Just wanted to put anyone's mind at ease about these people.

I was kinda lazy and used my credit card instead of an e-card of gift Visa and have not had any bogus charges.
Received my 100mg generic Viagra in less than two weeks, signed for the package, took a half after a night of drinking and gave my wife a good poke with a blue steel hard-on.

HA! I always laugh when I hear the commercial for Viagra when they say to seek medical attention if your erection lasts for more than a couple hours, or something like that. Dang, I keep a boner for two and three times that!

(Updated: December 19, 2013)
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Good overall.

Got the goods. Works.
Customer service keeps calling during queer hours. I hoped they did not do that. Just send me an email.

(Updated: November 28, 2013)
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It actually works ! This website is not a scam. This is the first time for me to buy from an online pharmacy. Bought Atenolol and I received it in 2 weeks. I got a call to confirm the purchase. The service was nice. it took 2 days for them to send the medication and the order status on the website got updated to give you a tracking number from india using USPS. I received it in 2 weeks after that. It was a generic Atenolol from legitimate indian pharmaceutical company called Torrent and I've been taken the medication for a week now and it works great. I googled the medication and the company, the price in India was much cheeper actually about a 1$ for 14 pills but I'm entirely satisfied with my medication because it would've probably costed so much here in the United States. Please guys give a review it won't take long and it will help alot of people because the reviews here helped me enormously to know what pharmacies are legitimate and what aren't. Thanks.

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Thank you!

They did not have the medication I needed (Generic Bactrim). After my initial inquiry they added the product to the site at an amazingly low price. Got my order within 10 days! 10+


(Updated: October 21, 2013)
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Happy with my purchase.

So far, I'm very happy with my purchase. I was disappointed when my previous online pharmacy changed things recently and made it harder for her to order my prescription of citalopram 20 mg, so I began searching around for another online pharmacy. I found generic doctor, liked their prices, and took a chance. I placed my order on Sept. 3rd, and got discouraged when it took a while to come. I called the USPS, and it was held up in customs in NYC. Finally, by Sept. 15th, I received my order. I'm happy to have found this online pharmacy, and look forward to ordering again, keeping in mind to order far enough ahead of time.

(Updated: September 24, 2013)
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First time user - well satisfied

First time user of the site and well satisfied with online customer service and quality. Goods arrived earlier than stated lead time.

(Updated: September 05, 2013)
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looks shady but legit

as with all generic pill sites, has a cheap design and bad English. ordered stuff (generic cialis) for a 100 bucks using an "expendable" credit card and got a call from them two days later (1-900 number, almost didn't answer it) for confirmation purposes (???). had to confirm my address, birth date (???) and last four digits of credit card. from the craps of info, It took a month (like exactly) to reach me... as advertized, very discretely packaged and content was genuine to make Ms Smith very very happpyyy! very funny label describing the envelopes contents! hope this helps ...

(Updated: August 21, 2013)
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This one is a like. Definitely. After my previous regular source started to increase their prices I looked for another reliable one and these folks here just nailed. Thank you

(Updated: June 13, 2013)
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