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Types of drugs sold: sells a large range of non-controlled medicines worldwide. They accept bank cards and Bitcoin.

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Product quality / site reliability (weighting = 40%)
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Ease of website use and range (weighting = 5%)
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Delivered to UK. Products good.

Order received in the UK after a wait of just over a week. Product seems to work as expected. This was the only site I could find that had what I needed. One pain was the need for them to ring you to verify the order. I haven't had any nuisance calls since so I think this is okay. Overall a good experience and will probably use again.

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got my stuff

I received the meds on the early side of the advertised timeframe. Packaging was discreet. The price was the lowest out of the ~8 sources I looked at. (Some sources, including this one, have multiple websites.)

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Customer service is useless

I have been trying for a week to place an order and have called customer service multiple times. They tell me the bank rejected the order, but when I call my bank (I have very good credit and more than enough credit to place 500 orders) they tell me that nothing has come through. Customer service acts like I can't place an international order (I can) but has no other suggestions. I get "other customers have no problems" which isn't helpful and doesn't get me any further.

Michele Kiely
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