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So far arrivals are trickling in, but use a throw-

They split my order up into multiple chunks, but didn't send the particular sets when they said or in the order agreed upon. Still quick-ship though, about nine days.

That said, no respectable business sells your email address these days - or at least not so blatently. I use a throw-away address serialized to each individual company I deal with, and these guys have been responsible for about fifty pieces of spam a day... Totally unacceptable.

I'm loath to use them again due to this, but they do seem to deliver (so far. Two more shipments pending...)

If you need a throwaway address, try and "let them eat spam"

Addendum posted 11-June-09. Subject: Avoid at all costs

Well I posted a few messages last week and the saga continues with this company - avoid them at all costs. No product and when I attempt to log onto their site to check the status of my order I can no longer log in and when I enter order ids no order comes up as if it does not exist - I tried to question customer service and they had no explanation and were extremely unhelpful. This isn't buyer beware - its turned into buyer avoid totally unless you want your money scammed from you.

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