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Do not buy from these guys if you are in Canada.

I live in Canada, British Columbia.

I ordered one parcel, and I didn't get it until 3 months after I made the order.

This is NOT the companies fault. They are not trying to scam you, rather, Canadian Customs officials are apparently very good at seizing these online pharmaceuticals and keeping them for a rather long time for inspection.

When I finally received my package, it had been opened by customs officials and checked. It was stamped as being received a few days after I made my order.

So if you are planning on buying any drugs for recreational and not medical purposes, you will totally get busted. Luckily, my order was medical, so I eventually received it.

Customer service was very helpful, although you will get hundreds of spam messages, so use a different email address than your regular one.

Customer service also actually sent me 2 other packages, one for each month that I didn't receive my parcel. I received these packages 2 months after they were sent, as they were also held up and inspected by customs.

(Updated: March 03, 2011)
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