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Ok so i purchase dapoxetine on march 14th. They said no longer then 21 days. After 30 days i messaged them and they said it was still at CUSTOMS and still waiting. after 40days mark from order, I messaged them again and they apologized and told me they would reship them and it could arrive around May 14th. If it arrives on may 14th, that will have been 2 MONTHS just for 10 pills. I am not happy having to wait OVER a month Garanteed, and when they said they reshipped they told me that im not getting anything extra for having to wait longer. So i told them if its not here on the 14th of may that i will be contacting them for a refund and if they dont give it to me immediatly, that my credit card company is already waiting for me to give them the OK that its a FRAUD action. I'll post another review IF my pills finally arrive but i would recommend trying somewhere else FIRST. i have also ordered from another site and waiting to end of arpil to see if it arrives on time or not. Find out which sites are better. This one is not one of them.

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May 11, 2011
You don't sound like you've purchased these things online much. There's not much anyone can do if your stuff gets caught up in customs - chances are, you'll never see it. I think it's funny that you're registering with your credit card company about it being a fraudulent transaction. Ordering these is not exactly legal - there are risks, as most people know. It's not Walmart. Reporting it is kind of like going to the cops to tell them someone didn't deliver your dope, even though you'd already paid them...
1 results - showing 1 - 1