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Ordered once from this pharmacy and received everything as ordered within about 3 weeks (which isn't bad coming from India to USA). Good product and prices. But since then, I have not been able to succesfully reorder despite several attempts. Two orders were placed and then cancelled on me after a week. The pharmacy said that payment was not received. But both Amex and Visa (I used different credit cards for the orders) told me that the merchent refunded the money and that they had not stopped payment. And now I can not place any new orders on their website. It says "Transaction Failed. Check with bank." I have tried multiple valid credit cards, email addresses, computers, etc.... trying to place orders. Their customer service does not have a solution other than to say try again. They are obviously not thieves...or why would they keep refunding my money? They simply are just incompetent. I have money to spend and they just can't find a way to take it from me.

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