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No problem with product, but lots of spam

I ordered some migraine medication from them. No problems using my credit card, no extra charges have shown up. I received my order about 3 weeks ago, but didn't write a review right away to see if any extra charges showed up on my card. None did. The product is genuine, works well, not the best price but much better than I could have gotten it in USA. I see other people said Visa wouldn't let them order, but I had no problems with it. The store immediately gave me a tracking number, everything arrived in good shape, no substitutions or incorrect amounts. It definitely took the full 30 days for it to arrive, this was with the 10.00 shipping. What bothered me is the spam that almost instantly appeared in my mailbox and is still arriving. All the spam has in the subject is a person's name (not mine) and that it is from a person I've never heard of. If you open it,it is almost entirely erectile dysfunction medication advertisements, with some other pharms sending ads too, like Canadian pharmacies, with a website to click on. My mailbox is not filtering this stuff out, but I'm not really a computer whiz. It's very annoying, and all of it showed up after my order, within the same day. So, I am not pleased that they must sell your name to other pharms and give out your email address that way. Other than that, and the very slow shipping, it was a positive choice.

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