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I used to purchase from Generic4all until they closed. They were very good. I would rate this company right up there with them. I had no problems. No bogus charges or anything. I sent them some emails just to check them out and they did respond. Took a day or so, but they did reply. I did get a few weird phone calls after I ordered, but I think it was attributed to something else I had going on at the same time. Pricing is not bad. I have seen better but I'll gladly pay a little more for no scams. I ordered generic Viagra 50ml. I use half at a time. Worked well. Not quite as strong as the non generic but worth it. Arrived in the time advertised, about 20 days. I will use them again for sure. The only reason I gave customer service 3.5 was the slow response.

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May 03, 2013
Placed a second order. Viagra and Levitra. Got some free items and a discount with this order. Very excellent. No problems. Came a little quicker this time. Was getting a little concerned because my card showed some sort of strange business name in the pending transaction. Some sewing thing or something. Maybe that make it easier to get thru customs who knows. Don't really care, I emailed them they said it was on the way and it was. I would order again.
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