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This place is a scam

This pharmacy is a total scam. I ordered from them, they charged my credit card, but i never received anything. I wrote them 3 emails and never got an answer. Avoid at all cost, this is a waste of money.

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May 08, 2013
My experience with this pharmacy is quite different.

I paid for my order with my credit card, my account was charged, and the company obviously received the money.

However, the sildenafil did not arrive within the normal shipping period. On contacting Customer Support (ST Support ) by email I was informed that they would send the order again. One month later the order still had not been delivered. I contacted Customer Support once again and was advised that they would try to send the order to me one more time, or they would refund my payment. They asked for an alternative address, leaving me the impression that Canada Customs were intercepting the shipments coming to my address. I provided an alternative address in the United States and the order arrived in about 2 to 3 weeks in 2 separate packages. Much to my surprise I have just received another shipment, again split into 2 packages, via my local post office.

Although the order took over 4 months to be delivered I believe this company is doing its best to serve its customers in an ethical and expeditious manner. They may or may not have some internal problems when it comes to order processing and shipping, but it is quite possible that the initial shipment was intercepted and confiscated by Canada Customs, or simply stolen by a post office employee.

The product is labelled Viagra and certainly works!

April 21, 2014
In reply to an earlier comment

ordered generic viagra 150. Arrived with no problem. Fildena from Fortune Health Care.
The pills absolutely DO NOT WORK. Bought other generic V in mexico (Maxifort)which was just as good as the real thing. AGAIN this product does not work and any reviews that state otherwise are plants. Stay away !
2 results - showing 1 - 2