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Had a chat with a Live Rep. I am leary of this sit

I have forgot my member log in again.

I had a chat with one of the live reps from this site. I chose not to buy. The chat is posted below. The rep I talked with was not even a rep directly for indiapharmaonline .com. Paul said that the company he apparently works for represents over 100 web sites, and didn't even know which site I was contacting from. It is no wonder I am confused when I have read most of the reviews for this web site. I don't know which one's are a true review. Now I do assume that the posts which indicated the person was a verified member of this forum, to be more honest, that ones which were posted by non-verified members. This info should help people in deciding as to whetherto order or not.

14:11:29 Thank you for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly...
14:11:29 Visitor: Why can I not choose which manufacture's product of medication I want it to come from?
14:11:38 Operator Paul joined the chat
14:11:49 Paul: Hello.
14:12:17 Paul: We support several manufacturers. And you will receive the pills from one of those.
14:13:52 Visitor: That is exactly the point. I may not truly trust one of the manufactures' listed.

14:16:53 Visitor: Paul, are you still with me?

14:19:04 Paul: You can not choose it on the website. After you place the order we may check the issue with our shipping department.
14:25:53 Visitor: You may check the issue. That is not much assurance. In addition, why is there virtually no price difference between the same product at three different strengths and for the same quanity . One would think as the strength of the tablet increases by 100 or 150 mg, there would be some reasonable difference in the cost of the product. ?

14:31:27 Paul: This information can not be checked right now as some particular manufacturer may not the pills at this moment.
14:33:49 Visitor: Then how do you determine the price if it can not be ckecked which manufacture the product come from?

14:35:28 Paul: We support more then 100 of websites and I do not possess the exact information.
14:37:48 Visitor: More than 100 you know which website I am even at?

14:39:58 Paul: No, Sir.
14:45:14 Visitor: How do they expect you to help a potential customer, if you don't even know which website the potential customer is even at. I do appreciate your honesty about this. So, even if I called the phone number, the phone number may not even go to where you might even be?

14:50:31 Paul: Please, give me the website.
14:51:05 Visitor:
14:54:12 Paul: What pills do you need?
14:54:35 Visitor: I'm looking at Diflucan.
14:58:24 Paul: There are several manufacturers. You have to place the order first and we will be able to tell you whether we can ship the pills from a particular manufacturer.

Paul, once the order is placed, the money has been put through. I have no guarantee I would even get the money refunded in such a case if whoever could not provide Cipla. Paul, I appreciate your honesty, and whatever role you may have as your job, you may very well be doing, but since you or your company represent over 100 websites, I simply feel that I can not trust whatever company you are working for.

15:12:33 Operator Paul left the chat

I hope this is helpful to others that are confused as I am.

(Updated: June 22, 2013)
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