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Viagra Brand

I ordered generic Viagra (Sildenafil) from It was mailed to me straight from the generic manufacturer in Singapore in blister packs. Very professionally produced, looked good, and worked as it should.

I then ordered BRAND NAME Cialis from and paid $180; I wanted to just experiment to see how there brand name was. It was mailed to me from Canada. It came in a clear plastic baggy inside a envelope. I work in the medical field plus have had authentic Cialis from a local pharmacy in California. The Viagra mailed to me by was 100% fake. There are nicks and bubbles in the tablets plus the coloring is different from authentic. It took me a while to prove it to them because they were trying to say I was wrong to dismiss the claim. However, paying that much for 12 tabs, I did not let it go.

Brand name meds like Cialis and Viagra are manufactured in the US. In my opinion, do not order brand name from this website. Logically thinking about it, I doubt they have access to brand name. I would stick to their generic drugs. On each generic product page, it lists the generic manufacturer. Google the name of that specific manufacturer and read their reviews.

I will not be ordering brand name from a international online pharmacy again...but the generic Viagra from 'Axon / Aurochem' manufacturer based in Singapore arrived professional. I ordered 100mg tablets. I cannot say it has 100mg for sure. Maybe it has 70mg or even 30mg, but I did feel the I know it definitely had some Viagra in the tablet.

(Updated: July 23, 2013)
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