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I have bought Tadacip and Valif and a trial of Poxet in the past. Its my 3rd time buying Tacacip by Cipla. I have no way of verifiying if they are 100% OEM full strenght or not. The Tadicap seems to work and I have never tried OEM cialis for a comparison. I can tell it works for at least 12-24 hours but a 6 hour head start is advised from my experience. I think this company just wants to sell decent products and not worry about being accused of ripping peope off. I never understand the companies who are intent on ripping off for the short term instead of building a world wide company base. PS the Valif works but also gives me a stuffy nose and rock like results as the real V has. I still prefer the Tadacip/Cialis for me but the Levitra is calling.

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(Updated: August 16, 2013)
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