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Either they are lying or they don't know what is g

I tried to order online for shipment to the USA. After entering my credit card and personal information, I clicked the submit button and I got a message saying "Sorry we don't ship to your country. Try again later." I called the help line, got a fairly quick response, I was told there must be something wrong with their website. They do ship to the US. Try again in a few hours. Next day I tried again. I got the same message "Sorry we don't ship to your country. (Still the USA.) I called again. New help person tells me that "Our doctor reviewed your order, and he decided you need a prescription." Well that didn't explain why their website gave me an immediate response "...we don't ship to your country." Now they have my credit card info, and they have fed me a line of BS. Should I be worried? Maybe. Is there something fishy going on? Sure feels like it.

Jake Mayle
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