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I normally don't leave reviews online, but since I found IndianPharmaOnline through this website when googling for online pharmacy reviews I thought I should "pay it forward" and speak up. This is the first time I have ordered online so I went with the reviews from this review site. I have heard it can really be hit or miss out there and a lot of sites are just out to scam your money. At least with this review site you can narrow it down to sites that aren't a total scam.

I placed my order on November 13th (Thursday) using express courier and it was dispatched on the 17th (Monday). On the 19th (Wednesday) I was able to start tracking it. One slight complaint I would like to point out is that the tracking number is not a link and there is no directions on how to track the order. I took a shot in the dark and entered the number at the USPS tracking website and there it was. On the 21st (Friday) it arrived in customs in NYC. On the 23rd (Sunday) it had made it through customs and was sent out for delivery. I received the package on the 25th (Tuesday). They advertise that you will receive your package in 7-9 business days for express service and I received mine in 8 business days.

The packaging itself comes in a discreet bubble wrap envelope and the medication inside was also wrapped in paper. The medication came in sealed blister packs with a manufacture date of June 2014 and an expiration date of November 2016. I have not taken one yet (maybe tonight if I get lucky [grin]) but it's nice to know that the medication is fresh and was only made a few months ago.

I don't know what else to say. This was my first experience using an online pharmacy and IndianPharmaOnline delivered everything that they promised. The order and payment was processed with no issues, they dispatched it on time, and I received it on time. The only suggestion I have is to make the tracking number a hotlink to the USPS website if that is possible. Thanks for the great service and I will definitely place my next purchase with this pharmacy.

Oh yeah one other thing -- it was a nice added bonus that this site offers a 7% discount coupon which they deducted from the price before payment. :)

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