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2nd time ordering, good experience x 2

So i am currently dealing with my 2nd order from this website. It has now been 5 weeks since I ordered to canada and nothing has come in the mail. I emailed them and they were quick to offer to ship a new package at no cost. I did add on the +10% insurance option so perhaps that is why they are so willing. The first time I placed an order with this website was like 2 years ago for generic cialis. The same thing happened, it was over a month with nothing and I emailed them and they quickly sent a replacement which then showed up like 2 weeks later. Last time I didn't do the shipping insurance option but they still were super quick to replace it anyway. Since this happened last time this is why I added it this time but i'm not sure if it makes a difference?

Anyway the generic cialis were great. They come as 80mg tablets, which is like enough cialis to get a geriatric horse hard. In north america the highest potency manufactured is 20mg, for comparison. With these 80mg I literally just bite off a small corner of the tablet and i'm good to go. The small batch of like 20 x 80mg tablets one corner bit off at a time lasted me for 2 years so I didnt have to re-order until now. And thats with using them once every few weeks on special occasions when failure is not an option (super fucked up on drugs/alcohol at a wicked orgy) and a few hundred million years of evolution and biology has determined that I should definitely not be allowed to have a boner, but thanks to the good people of indianpharma and their country's policy of not giving a shit about north american patent and trademark laws I can still be a hero

The free samples of viagra that they included with the last order worked pretty good too but I defintely prefer the cialis. Ya get way more "bang" for your buck (ha). The cialis lasts like 48 hours so youre golden for the whole weekend as opposed to 4 hours with viagra

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