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cialis revies

I ordered generic Cialis and Viagra.I also added the tracking option. It takes 3-4 days to get the tracking number because they don't give you the number until your order is shipped. I contacted them when I was concerned about not getting a tracking number after three days and they got back to me right away explaining the reason why. I was able to track my order with no problem and it actually arrived a day sooner then expected. Full disclosure, I have only used the Cialis so far and have not used the Viagra. The reason being is that the Cialis worked so good that just the rubbing from my pants while I'm walking can make things start to move. I wanted to see if it was just me so i gave a couple of pills to my buddy without telling him my thoughts on the pills as not to sway his decision. From his description (which I will not go into here) I think he had even better results then I did, if that's possible. I will weigh in on the Viagra when I finally use it. I just wanted to give some feedback to the site as soon as possible because everyone on here was so helpful when I was totally confused and wanted to know how all this works.

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