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Product quality / site reliability (weighting = 40%)
Fake medicines are rare, but did this pharmacy ship low quality goods? How were the medicines packaged?
Ease of website use and range (weighting = 5%)
How easy was the website to use? Did they have a drug that was hard to find elsewhere?
Price (weighting = 30%)
How cheap was your order, including shipping?
Customer service (weighting = 10%. Optional)
How good was this pharmacy's customer service (if you had reason to deal with them)? Or else how well did the pharmacy keep you informed of the progress of your order by email?
Speed of delivery (weighting = 15%)
Did your order arrive in the timeframe the pharmacy specified? Was this a reasonable time to wait?
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I am not impressed.

I ordered from Canada, British Columbia and did not recieve anything. First I waited a full month and contacted customer service. They said sometimes the packages can be held up at customs, and that they would ship another package in 21 days maximum. It is now 22 days later and I have not recieved anything except for large ammounts of spam in my inbox, about low pharmacy prices and ect.

If you decide to order from this company expect it to get delayed or just not show up. Additionally make sure to use a seperate email address so as not to be spammed. This is a huge dissapointment to me because the prices were excellent as was the selection, which I would have given 5's, however if the medicine does not show up then the price and variety really doesn't matter.

After this fiasco I will be not be ordering from this "pharmacy" again.

If you do order consider ordering a very small cheap shipment on a gift card to see if it even gets to your door first, as they will not refund you even if you don't recieve your order.

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How does this website give them 4+ stars????

Ordered based on the review from this website. BIG MISTAKE. 40+ days & I have never received product. Their "customer service" has been a joke. Plus, believe the hype about the amount of spam that will fill your inbox after giving them your email address. It's unbelievable. Now I'm out $150+ & need to switch to a new email address... Don't be as foolish as I was.

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So far arrivals are trickling in, but use a throw-

They split my order up into multiple chunks, but didn't send the particular sets when they said or in the order agreed upon. Still quick-ship though, about nine days.

That said, no respectable business sells your email address these days - or at least not so blatently. I use a throw-away address serialized to each individual company I deal with, and these guys have been responsible for about fifty pieces of spam a day... Totally unacceptable.

I'm loath to use them again due to this, but they do seem to deliver (so far. Two more shipments pending...)

If you need a throwaway address, try and "let them eat spam"

Addendum posted 11-June-09. Subject: Avoid at all costs

Well I posted a few messages last week and the saga continues with this company - avoid them at all costs. No product and when I attempt to log onto their site to check the status of my order I can no longer log in and when I enter order ids no order comes up as if it does not exist - I tried to question customer service and they had no explanation and were extremely unhelpful. This isn't buyer beware - its turned into buyer avoid totally unless you want your money scammed from you.

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Viagra and Cialis

Im writing this review to try and help out some people in the community who are either on the sidelines asking "Is this shit for real?" or those who are looking for a reliable online pharmacy. I didn't know if I could trust a review that didn't write anything and who only gave 5 stars to everything. So, here's my story. Was really looking for some good Viagra and Cialis and I was tired of going to my doc for sample packets. So, I hopped on this website (Indian Pharma Online) and bought 60 pills of generic Cialis and Viagra (100mg for Viagra, 30mg for Cialis). My bro and I split the difference (pretty thrilled with the price, but we didn't know if it was going to work or not). I forget what the Viagra was called but the Cialis was called Vidalista or something like that. Well, the pills.....fucking worked! Need to give the whole story though. Got in my first "real" relationship, told this girl about some sexual anxiety problems ive been having, and she really helped me out. But! I'm not trying to take away from the fact that these pills legit helped me out. Made getting erections a ton less stressful. I stacked a pill of Cialis on top of Viagra on an empty stomach to begin with, then realized I only needed 1 pill or the other, and it didn't matter if I ate before or not. Things you may want to keep in mind tho! Use a prepaid card of some sort. I got some fraudulent purchases on my debit card after using this site (My bank took them off super quick, so no biggie, but still irked me). And 2. Take a few days off between pills, try to get comfortable without using them too. Took Viagra 3 days in a row (I know, stupid, but I was new to having sex and I loved the feeling) and got a fever for a day and just generally felt shitty for about 24 hours. Again, overall, very impressed with my purchase. Feel free to talk to me on here, as it was hard for me to find a site I could trust. I made this purchase around the tail end of 2015. Pills surprisingly only took about a week to get to me.

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joanet98 is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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Despues de esperar 3 meses aun sigo esperando que me llegue el pedido, 60 euros perdidos .
He contactado varias veces por mail con la web pero no me ofrecen solucion, me dicen que mi oficina de correos es la culpable... en fin espero que no caigan en sus redes y busquen otras alternativas de compra mas fiables


After waiting three months I'm still hoping that I get the order, 60 euros lost.
I contacted several times by mail with the web solution but did not offer me, tell me that my office is to blame ... well I hope you do not fall into their networks and seek more reliable alternatives puchase

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Finally! A reputable online pharmacy

Searched the internet for days trying to find a pharmacy that wouldn't scam me or send me bad meds. This is the place to buy if you do not have a prescription and probably pretty good if you do. You can trust the meds and the reliability of the shipping in the time frame that they mention. Good luck!

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No delivery

I ordered from Canada about 1 month ago and my order has still not been delivered. After repeated attempts talking to customer service they ensured me that it was on its way, then they said it was a little late arriving, then they said it may have been lost - unless my product is delivered shortly...i wont be changing my review - buyer beware i suppose.

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Ordered 360 tabs, 240 were delivered. Repeated contacts requesting more info about the missing part of the order were ignored. In the end I reported them to my credit card company. Managed to get through to them via online chat, and was spun a yarn about a credit card refund. No sign of the refund, and no sign of the email that they promised had just been sent to me.

Avoid this place like the plague - that's my advise.

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Very reliable and quick shipping

I hesitated for weeks to place an order and finally did it. I did not pay for the expedited shipping and was very surprised when my order arrived a week and a half later. I did have to sign for the packages (one arrived one day & the other the next) but when I received the notice (I was not home at the time), I simply went on the usps website and arranged for re-delivery the next day, left them the signed card, and they placed the package in my mail box. I used a personal credit card for payment which worried me a little, but they charged the correct amount and everything went smoothly and without any problems. I checked my credit card bill for the next month and there were absolutely no other charges. I would definitely trust this company again and will order from them again. Oh, and the drugs I ordered were all in blister packages from legitimate pharmaceutical companies and the expiration dates were all good -- at least a year and a half from now.

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Fourth Order Received No Problem

I ordered for the fourth time and received the ED pills in two weeks with no problems. I paid for the registered mail and the package was sent from Singapore. They sent me the registered mail number so I could track the package through the mail systems of Singapore and the US. The meds received were in a bubble envelope and sealed in blister packs. I am on blood pressure meds and use cialis (due to the side effects of reduced blood pressure). Five cilias pills (20mg) cost $230 in a US pharmacy and are not covered by my prescription drug plan; I can get 150 pills for the same price from Indian Pharmacy and the pills from India work just fine for me. I ordered on May 31 and received on June 14. For what it's worth, I do have a special credit card that I use just for overseas purchases and I watch it like a hawk. Never any problems with this company. I give them an unqualified thumbs up.

(Updated: June 16, 2014)
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First experience

Ordered on June 17th
Waited 23 days, after which got in touch with support.
They have not answer any questions or concerns and said they will reship at no cost.
Now 3 weeks later and still nothing.

(Updated: August 08, 2014)
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Happy Customer AUS

Ok. So I have been using this site for over 3 years now and I thought I would finally write a review it only seemed fair.

First of all I'm in Australia, so you can forget express shipping as it is only going to make about a 1 week difference and not really worth spending the extra money on. Delivery time to AUS is about the same as eBay items from china (min 3 weeks), so budget on about a month to be safe. Mail is posted from India and routed via Singapore for delivery into Oz.
To avoid customs issues large orders are packed into a number of smaller packages and sent out at different dates, so don't worry if they arrived about a week apart.
Out of about the 6 or 7 times I have ordered from the site I have had one problem with not receiving the delivery on time, but to be fair I ordered it in December and it took about 2 months.

As for the quality, I have every only ordered generic Propecia (Finasteride) for mens hair regrowth and only have good things to say. Pills are machine packed with clear batch & expiry dates printed on the back with good shelf lives. Also I has the production factory website and address printed on the back as well.

They say they take all credit cards (VISA / Master / AMEX), but only the Visa will work. Not to sure what is going on there.

It is worth noting (in case you hear something) the site had an issue a while back with being accidentally recognized as a scam site with a whole bunch of other no legit online stores. As a result they had there domain name suspended for about a month while they were protesting there innocence and got it reinstated.
Shame really, as it comes as a blemish on what I see as a perfect track record.


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petenothapp is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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Crap cialis does not work

I have ordered generic cialis and viagra for around six years from multiple online providers.
This is the first time I have received pills that simply do not work.
The pills are labelled Tadalista 20 manufactured by Fortune Health Care dated September 2013.
Let me be clear: do not order from
I have emailed them asking for a refund. Not optimistic on that score.

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Did not get order and Rx counterfeit

Buyer beware- website phone numbers do not work, go to first in line, then nothing.
the web messaging feature is diabled, and they do not respond to your email, but they are good at charging your card.

I placed an order for a med, and got chalk pills when they should be capsules.

So partial order, missing 80% and Rx are fake.

I am in the process of disputing the charges w cc company. Don't buy from this site, the majority of the posters recommending it are fake as well, don't believe them.

I used pharm 4 all before,they shut down and I did get actual Rx.

So just a warning, they are scammers.

(Updated: September 29, 2013)
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No complaints, came through as promised

I have a prescription for Cialis but it's horrifically expensive in the US and not covered by my insurance plan. I ordered generic Tadfill on line from here at less than 1/10 the US price; it arrived in NYC as promised in about two weeks. I paid for the tracked service. The envelope was a nondescript padded white envelope. Product is as advertised, ordered 30 pills and received 30 pills. Recommended, will use them again.

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suprised! would deal with again

ordered on the 10th of septemeber and was very wary after reading many comments about other sites being fake and decided to go with this one as it had the most positive comments, i removed all the money from my visa account just to make sure that they couldnt take any extra cash as they now had my card details, i also ended up canceling my card once the payment had processed thought it wasnt worth the risk of losing money, 20th of september came 10 days total and the package arrived as described with what i ordered, i live in australia to, havent yet tried out what i bought but will tonight, regardless found my experience very hassle free and was totally shocked that they actually arrived, would definately deal with again!

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Mastercard & Visa issues when buying from Canada

-chose IndianPharmaOnline because of the highest ratings
-living in Canada
-purchasing meds via MasterCard did not work
-obtained Visa card
-purchasing same meds via Visa, (trying several times), did not work
-seems like there was no 'hand-shake' between site, and Vancity Visa
-will attempt to purchase from another site using Visa

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Received Nothing But Excuses

Ordered and paid for express shipping. I received nothing but excuses and stories. They refused a refund and said I should just wait longer. The tracking said the package never left the point of origin.

(Updated: February 15, 2017)
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well, i've ordered 270 Generic Soma, they didnt take Visa for soma, wich is a bad thing, but after some truble with bank wire etc etc (banker wrote wrong bank account nr) then i waited like 24 days before i contacted them again, and said i didnt recive any of my order. Took them about 2-3 days to deliver 1 of 3 (they splitted my order in 3 parts, 90 pills in each) still waiting for my other 2 packages, but they said it will arrive in 4-5 days.

Anyway, quality of the pills was Exelent! nothing to complain over the quality.

So if i recive the rest of my order, i will use them again.

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Repeat Customer

I ordered brand-name Viagra a little more than a year ago. FWIW, it came in Pfizer packaging, etc.. The product worked just as it should, and just as well as the Viagra I had bought at CVS down the street.

Now that I have gained confidence in Indian Pharma Online, I've decided to try their even less expensive generic version. I'll keep you posted.

BTW, although I rated their customer service as a 5, I did so only because I had to say *something*. In reality, I did not need to contact their customer service at all.

Larry S
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scrapdogg is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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Honest review by new member

After a lot of research and trepidation regarding my personal information and credit card security I decided to take a chance on ordering some generic Sildenafil Citrate (Suhagra 100mg) from even though the newest reviews were negative to say the least. I ordered on 07/28/2014 and chose the trackable shipping option for an additional 30.00 to make sure I could at least track the package if anything went wrong since if I was going to spend money on this I might as well not be cheap about it.

So, after I placed the order using a credit card I was sent an order i.d. and on the tracking site it said the tracking information would be updated in 2 days. Exactly 2 days later I got a tracking number and 6 days after that, much to my surprise, the package was attempted to be delivered to my house. Talk about fast shipping!! wow, I wasn't even home to accept it because i wasn't expecting that quick of a turnaround. I was home today though to sign for the package and upon opening it it was exactly what i ordered plus the free soft pill bonus for ordering so many at a time (92 100mg pills). i just popped half of one 20 minutes ago and the product is definitely authentic ;).

So, my first experience was positive to say the least and I haven't gotten any spam emails yet nor had any suspicious activity on my credit card (knocks on wood). I look forward to talking with you guys on the forum and I can't thank you guys enough for having a place where people can get reliable information and support.

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beertaxi is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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slow boat from India

Ordered generic levitra in early September. October came and went with no order received. I wrote it off as an expensive lesson.
Just yesterday I received an order of levitra with no hint of the pharmacy it came from, just the plain brown package containing pills. I can only assume this was my order from IndianPharmacy.
The pills are great and as effective as the expensive version, however, a shipping time from late August to early January with no explanation is unacceptable.

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Do not buy the generic (Fildena)!!

I ordered 90 pills of 50 mg generic Viarga -- they sent me a brand called Fildena. It doesent work, $150 down the drain! I have been buying viagra from India -- this thing is a fake. I saw one other reviewer with same problem with this brand, I would encourage others who are stuck with this product to speak up and warn other

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Had a chat with a Live Rep. I am leary of this sit

I have forgot my member log in again.

I had a chat with one of the live reps from this site. I chose not to buy. The chat is posted below. The rep I talked with was not even a rep directly for indiapharmaonline .com. Paul said that the company he apparently works for represents over 100 web sites, and didn't even know which site I was contacting from. It is no wonder I am confused when I have read most of the reviews for this web site. I don't know which one's are a true review. Now I do assume that the posts which indicated the person was a verified member of this forum, to be more honest, that ones which were posted by non-verified members. This info should help people in deciding as to whetherto order or not.

14:11:29 Thank you for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly...
14:11:29 Visitor: Why can I not choose which manufacture's product of medication I want it to come from?
14:11:38 Operator Paul joined the chat
14:11:49 Paul: Hello.
14:12:17 Paul: We support several manufacturers. And you will receive the pills from one of those.
14:13:52 Visitor: That is exactly the point. I may not truly trust one of the manufactures' listed.

14:16:53 Visitor: Paul, are you still with me?

14:19:04 Paul: You can not choose it on the website. After you place the order we may check the issue with our shipping department.
14:25:53 Visitor: You may check the issue. That is not much assurance. In addition, why is there virtually no price difference between the same product at three different strengths and for the same quanity . One would think as the strength of the tablet increases by 100 or 150 mg, there would be some reasonable difference in the cost of the product. ?

14:31:27 Paul: This information can not be checked right now as some particular manufacturer may not the pills at this moment.
14:33:49 Visitor: Then how do you determine the price if it can not be ckecked which manufacture the product come from?

14:35:28 Paul: We support more then 100 of websites and I do not possess the exact information.
14:37:48 Visitor: More than 100 you know which website I am even at?

14:39:58 Paul: No, Sir.
14:45:14 Visitor: How do they expect you to help a potential customer, if you don't even know which website the potential customer is even at. I do appreciate your honesty about this. So, even if I called the phone number, the phone number may not even go to where you might even be?

14:50:31 Paul: Please, give me the website.
14:51:05 Visitor:
14:54:12 Paul: What pills do you need?
14:54:35 Visitor: I'm looking at Diflucan.
14:58:24 Paul: There are several manufacturers. You have to place the order first and we will be able to tell you whether we can ship the pills from a particular manufacturer.

Paul, once the order is placed, the money has been put through. I have no guarantee I would even get the money refunded in such a case if whoever could not provide Cipla. Paul, I appreciate your honesty, and whatever role you may have as your job, you may very well be doing, but since you or your company represent over 100 websites, I simply feel that I can not trust whatever company you are working for.

15:12:33 Operator Paul left the chat

I hope this is helpful to others that are confused as I am.

(Updated: June 22, 2013)
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Smooth transaction

Bought generic cialis works same as name brand from local pharmacist at fraction of the price. Shipped promptly - took 10 days. Shipped registered US mail which worked out well for pickup at post office. Even though I have a prescription, this is far easier and cheaper.

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This pharmacy is real.

Before I ordered here, my main concern if this place is real. I read all the reviews, and still a little bit nervous. I just got my 25 mg clomid today, so thus they are real. It took about 3 weeks to get and about a week through customs in NY. I know you probably think this review is written by an Indian worker. I have a facebook, I am an American mother, I have an email I will provide if you need more confirmation and I will verify myself. Just make sure you pay the extra money to track your order. It took about a week to get a shipping tracking #, a week in customs, and a week to get from NY to CA. My order was correct and I had no problems with this pharmacy. I wouldn't trust any other online pharmacy now I know this one is real.


Gigi Esposito
(Updated: August 08, 2013)
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spot on

needed my meds quickly payed the more expensive postage got them on time no problems cant fault there service

chang viper
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dvinr is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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cialis revies

I ordered generic Cialis and Viagra.I also added the tracking option. It takes 3-4 days to get the tracking number because they don't give you the number until your order is shipped. I contacted them when I was concerned about not getting a tracking number after three days and they got back to me right away explaining the reason why. I was able to track my order with no problem and it actually arrived a day sooner then expected. Full disclosure, I have only used the Cialis so far and have not used the Viagra. The reason being is that the Cialis worked so good that just the rubbing from my pants while I'm walking can make things start to move. I wanted to see if it was just me so i gave a couple of pills to my buddy without telling him my thoughts on the pills as not to sway his decision. From his description (which I will not go into here) I think he had even better results then I did, if that's possible. I will weigh in on the Viagra when I finally use it. I just wanted to give some feedback to the site as soon as possible because everyone on here was so helpful when I was totally confused and wanted to know how all this works.

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Nervous, but found a great online pharmacy

I placed 3 seperate orders and just placed my 4th. The website is fairlt easy, but there was an error initially so on subsequent orders I would double check the cart AND the following page to make sure it had what I wanted. I received two packages so far within the time period they gave me. The meds were of good quality and packaging. I will use them again. Anytime I emailed they responded within 24 hours and the have a chat service. I have never had a hard time contacting them. Good customer service overall.

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Either they are lying or they don't know what is g

I tried to order online for shipment to the USA. After entering my credit card and personal information, I clicked the submit button and I got a message saying "Sorry we don't ship to your country. Try again later." I called the help line, got a fairly quick response, I was told there must be something wrong with their website. They do ship to the US. Try again in a few hours. Next day I tried again. I got the same message "Sorry we don't ship to your country. (Still the USA.) I called again. New help person tells me that "Our doctor reviewed your order, and he decided you need a prescription." Well that didn't explain why their website gave me an immediate response "...we don't ship to your country." Now they have my credit card info, and they have fed me a line of BS. Should I be worried? Maybe. Is there something fishy going on? Sure feels like it.

Jake Mayle
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Viagra Brand

I ordered generic Viagra (Sildenafil) from It was mailed to me straight from the generic manufacturer in Singapore in blister packs. Very professionally produced, looked good, and worked as it should.

I then ordered BRAND NAME Cialis from and paid $180; I wanted to just experiment to see how there brand name was. It was mailed to me from Canada. It came in a clear plastic baggy inside a envelope. I work in the medical field plus have had authentic Cialis from a local pharmacy in California. The Viagra mailed to me by was 100% fake. There are nicks and bubbles in the tablets plus the coloring is different from authentic. It took me a while to prove it to them because they were trying to say I was wrong to dismiss the claim. However, paying that much for 12 tabs, I did not let it go.

Brand name meds like Cialis and Viagra are manufactured in the US. In my opinion, do not order brand name from this website. Logically thinking about it, I doubt they have access to brand name. I would stick to their generic drugs. On each generic product page, it lists the generic manufacturer. Google the name of that specific manufacturer and read their reviews.

I will not be ordering brand name from a international online pharmacy again...but the generic Viagra from 'Axon / Aurochem' manufacturer based in Singapore arrived professional. I ordered 100mg tablets. I cannot say it has 100mg for sure. Maybe it has 70mg or even 30mg, but I did feel the I know it definitely had some Viagra in the tablet.

(Updated: July 23, 2013)
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Good Stuff

I don`t understand some of the negative reviews on here purhaps I have just been lucky? I have made four orders over the past few months for ED pills with no problem. All the orders have been made using my visa card with no issues and they have all arrived within the 21 days quoted to me here in the U.K although one order arrived with only part of the pills and when I emailed them I received a generic reply saying they had received my email and would get back to me in due course, after two days I had not had a reply so I contacted them through there online support,, the girl was very helpful and reassured me the remainder of my order would be with me within 21 days and if not to contact them again, the remainder of my order arrived the following day.I have had some spam emails which is slightly irritating but I just delete it, its no big deal!, especially when I was prescribed cialis by my doctor and it was so expensive I could not afford the cost, I think I can put up with a few spam emails.The Cialis I use work really well no problems at all and my wife is very happy, all in all I am very happy to use this company and more than pleased with my improved sexual health, it has made a big difference to our relationship.

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All good

First item didn't arrive, but they promptly shipped a second which arrived in just over a week.

Good communication.

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Reliable, product works, cheap

I've used this site a number of times and have typically come away impressed. The products they send, while not quite as good as their North American counterparts from my experience, are a hell of a lot cheaper. I've always used the upgraded shippping I can track, which arrives in a reasonable amount of time. I definitely wouldn't go with the regular shipping, though, as the product is sent in a very small envelope and can very easily get lost in the mail. Customer service is immediate and good. Definitely recommended of you needs these meds and are on a tight budget.

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Ordered some generic viagra. Good quality.

Got a call verifying the order. I'm pretty sure this call came from within the US. Took about 2 weeks with the priority shipping method to the USA. Wasn't sure how shipping was being tracked so I used the customer support chat. They gave me my tracking number. Then I realized there was a track order tab on the top of the website (duh!). Order arrived a day or 2 after the estimated delivery date. Discretely packaged.

All in all, I can't complain. Would definitely order from again.

crazy joe
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Third order no problem


I have great experiences buying from Indiapharmaonline in 2012, 2013 and the month of June 2014 I was 100% satisfied with their customer service and Chat response. Their product is always been excellent. I have nothing to say but little high price. I hope they will reduce price a little & shipping charges should be lower. I got exactly what I pay to them and really a good company and I can highly be recommend. When there were product problem, customs problems and problems in the United States they reshipped for free.

M Nickel
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Do not buy from these guys if you are in Canada.

I live in Canada, British Columbia.

I ordered one parcel, and I didn't get it until 3 months after I made the order.

This is NOT the companies fault. They are not trying to scam you, rather, Canadian Customs officials are apparently very good at seizing these online pharmaceuticals and keeping them for a rather long time for inspection.

When I finally received my package, it had been opened by customs officials and checked. It was stamped as being received a few days after I made my order.

So if you are planning on buying any drugs for recreational and not medical purposes, you will totally get busted. Luckily, my order was medical, so I eventually received it.

Customer service was very helpful, although you will get hundreds of spam messages, so use a different email address than your regular one.

Customer service also actually sent me 2 other packages, one for each month that I didn't receive my parcel. I received these packages 2 months after they were sent, as they were also held up and inspected by customs.

Ethel Schrute
(Updated: March 03, 2011)
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very good transaction

paid for order 6/8 used cc Website was easy to use.
shipped 6/12 arrived 6/23 by registered mail. I had to sign for package.
Prescription was included. Very good communications
Order was discreetly packaged and meds were in a sealed container and of good quality.
Hope this is helpful to other members.

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Please read this

Ordered the viagra professional, 60 pills, 100mg tablets. Ordered the 5-9 day delivery with tracking number. Order took 32 days to arrive. This company is having delivery issues right now, as well as clearance from customs.

angel senno
(Updated: March 22, 2014)
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Got the Med but question the potency

Ordered 100mg generic brand of Viagra. Did not seem to have the same effect as the same 100mg pill I ordered from another online pharmacy. Am happy that I did receive the order and have ordered a few times but probably will not order again.

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This pharma substituted a dosage without permission and then was non-responsive when I asked them to resend what I originally ordered. I used them twice before, with good service. I really don't know why their service has declined. I can understand shipping and delivery problems (receipt of order took four weeks), but find their lack of responsiveness to my request to send what I ordered to be quite problematic. I would not recommend using this company.

Ann Ki
(Updated: March 28, 2014)
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Method of Payment

although MasterCard is one of the advertised methods of payment, it did not accept MasterCard in several of my attempts to purchase some meds

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One satisfied customer!

Found what I was looking for on this site for peanuts compared to the one or two toher places that sell it. Turned up about 10 days later, well packaged. Perfect looking medicine in blister packaging, looks 100% legit and seems to be working well. I'll be using them again.

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This place is a scam

This pharmacy is a total scam. I ordered from them, they charged my credit card, but i never received anything. I wrote them 3 emails and never got an answer. Avoid at all cost, this is a waste of money.

Ben Bibeau
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Very satisfactory

Reliable. Customer service is very responsive. Unless you want a lot of spam, set up an anonymous email account. I thought the shipping time was reasonable considering; you just have to plan ahead.

David M
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Happy Customer

Got what I ordered in only 10 days. One day sooner than they quoted. Will use them again.

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Indian pharma

My second order , received an email acknowledgement, product arrived quickly in about 2 weeks by trackable, no duty payable.I also got a nice bonus of 10 tablets.Seems to be a different manufacturer so just hope they are as effective as the last batch.

david treble
(Updated: April 19, 2013)
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generic products

placed order on the 5th of may used the fast track system.and it arrived on the 22nd of appears customs held up the order.nicely packed and medication works very well.will use again

(Updated: May 31, 2013)
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I got nothing!

Order number 1857698145 November 6 2012

They said 14-21 day shipping. Now two months and nothing!

Emailed twice, only got automated response.

Waste of money!

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No Scam, I Recieved My Order

I purchased Generic Viagara at 120mg, 10 pills. I was seriously skeptical about the site, because I had read some bad reviews, and had just had a very bad experience with another site. I purchased them on April 20th, and they had an estimated shipping date by May 18th. The pills arrived on May 16th.

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