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Product quality / site reliability (weighting = 40%)
Fake medicines are rare, but did this pharmacy ship low quality goods? How were the medicines packaged?
Ease of website use and range (weighting = 5%)
How easy was the website to use? Did they have a drug that was hard to find elsewhere?
Price (weighting = 30%)
How cheap was your order, including shipping?
Customer service (weighting = 10%. Optional)
How good was this pharmacy's customer service (if you had reason to deal with them)? Or else how well did the pharmacy keep you informed of the progress of your order by email?
Speed of delivery (weighting = 15%)
Did your order arrive in the timeframe the pharmacy specified? Was this a reasonable time to wait?
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Mastercard & Visa issues when buying from Canada

-chose IndianPharmaOnline because of the highest ratings
-living in Canada
-purchasing meds via MasterCard did not work
-obtained Visa card
-purchasing same meds via Visa, (trying several times), did not work
-seems like there was no 'hand-shake' between site, and Vancity Visa
-will attempt to purchase from another site using Visa

gerhard e von rosen
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Do not buy the generic (Fildena)!!

I ordered 90 pills of 50 mg generic Viarga -- they sent me a brand called Fildena. It doesent work, $150 down the drain! I have been buying viagra from India -- this thing is a fake. I saw one other reviewer with same problem with this brand, I would encourage others who are stuck with this product to speak up and warn other

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This pharma substituted a dosage without permission and then was non-responsive when I asked them to resend what I originally ordered. I used them twice before, with good service. I really don't know why their service has declined. I can understand shipping and delivery problems (receipt of order took four weeks), but find their lack of responsiveness to my request to send what I ordered to be quite problematic. I would not recommend using this company.

Ann Ki
(Updated: March 28, 2014)
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Second time I ordered generic vigra from here, First ones came branded filagra and worked well. This time Fildena and don't seem to work. Also ordered Tadalista but doesn't seem to work either. Disapointed as was very pleased last order.

(Updated: October 18, 2013)
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Did not get order and Rx counterfeit

Buyer beware- website phone numbers do not work, go to first in line, then nothing.
the web messaging feature is diabled, and they do not respond to your email, but they are good at charging your card.

I placed an order for a med, and got chalk pills when they should be capsules.

So partial order, missing 80% and Rx are fake.

I am in the process of disputing the charges w cc company. Don't buy from this site, the majority of the posters recommending it are fake as well, don't believe them.

I used pharm 4 all before,they shut down and I did get actual Rx.

So just a warning, they are scammers.

(Updated: September 29, 2013)
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I don't get it

I don't get it. I ordered "Viagra" 3 times from IndianPharma. I knew it was counterfeit but the first 2 orders worked. The 3rd did not. I read that their generic is good (Kamagra). Hoping it would be the real thing, I placed an order and it was rejected. Now they are saying I need a prescription? Off to Viamedic with my business. I'll pay more but there's no risk.

(Updated: September 18, 2013)
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davided is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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Long time to process and Deliver Orders

I am not sataisfied with the product and the services they offer. The delivery took a real long time. Even after the products arrived late 20% of the products were crushed.

Have anyone tried the online pharmacy?

(Updated: August 08, 2013)
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Viagra Brand

I ordered generic Viagra (Sildenafil) from It was mailed to me straight from the generic manufacturer in Singapore in blister packs. Very professionally produced, looked good, and worked as it should.

I then ordered BRAND NAME Cialis from and paid $180; I wanted to just experiment to see how there brand name was. It was mailed to me from Canada. It came in a clear plastic baggy inside a envelope. I work in the medical field plus have had authentic Cialis from a local pharmacy in California. The Viagra mailed to me by was 100% fake. There are nicks and bubbles in the tablets plus the coloring is different from authentic. It took me a while to prove it to them because they were trying to say I was wrong to dismiss the claim. However, paying that much for 12 tabs, I did not let it go.

Brand name meds like Cialis and Viagra are manufactured in the US. In my opinion, do not order brand name from this website. Logically thinking about it, I doubt they have access to brand name. I would stick to their generic drugs. On each generic product page, it lists the generic manufacturer. Google the name of that specific manufacturer and read their reviews.

I will not be ordering brand name from a international online pharmacy again...but the generic Viagra from 'Axon / Aurochem' manufacturer based in Singapore arrived professional. I ordered 100mg tablets. I cannot say it has 100mg for sure. Maybe it has 70mg or even 30mg, but I did feel the I know it definitely had some Viagra in the tablet.

(Updated: July 23, 2013)
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Had a chat with a Live Rep. I am leary of this sit

I have forgot my member log in again.

I had a chat with one of the live reps from this site. I chose not to buy. The chat is posted below. The rep I talked with was not even a rep directly for indiapharmaonline .com. Paul said that the company he apparently works for represents over 100 web sites, and didn't even know which site I was contacting from. It is no wonder I am confused when I have read most of the reviews for this web site. I don't know which one's are a true review. Now I do assume that the posts which indicated the person was a verified member of this forum, to be more honest, that ones which were posted by non-verified members. This info should help people in deciding as to whetherto order or not.

14:11:29 Thank you for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly...
14:11:29 Visitor: Why can I not choose which manufacture's product of medication I want it to come from?
14:11:38 Operator Paul joined the chat
14:11:49 Paul: Hello.
14:12:17 Paul: We support several manufacturers. And you will receive the pills from one of those.
14:13:52 Visitor: That is exactly the point. I may not truly trust one of the manufactures' listed.

14:16:53 Visitor: Paul, are you still with me?

14:19:04 Paul: You can not choose it on the website. After you place the order we may check the issue with our shipping department.
14:25:53 Visitor: You may check the issue. That is not much assurance. In addition, why is there virtually no price difference between the same product at three different strengths and for the same quanity . One would think as the strength of the tablet increases by 100 or 150 mg, there would be some reasonable difference in the cost of the product. ?

14:31:27 Paul: This information can not be checked right now as some particular manufacturer may not the pills at this moment.
14:33:49 Visitor: Then how do you determine the price if it can not be ckecked which manufacture the product come from?

14:35:28 Paul: We support more then 100 of websites and I do not possess the exact information.
14:37:48 Visitor: More than 100 you know which website I am even at?

14:39:58 Paul: No, Sir.
14:45:14 Visitor: How do they expect you to help a potential customer, if you don't even know which website the potential customer is even at. I do appreciate your honesty about this. So, even if I called the phone number, the phone number may not even go to where you might even be?

14:50:31 Paul: Please, give me the website.
14:51:05 Visitor:
14:54:12 Paul: What pills do you need?
14:54:35 Visitor: I'm looking at Diflucan.
14:58:24 Paul: There are several manufacturers. You have to place the order first and we will be able to tell you whether we can ship the pills from a particular manufacturer.

Paul, once the order is placed, the money has been put through. I have no guarantee I would even get the money refunded in such a case if whoever could not provide Cipla. Paul, I appreciate your honesty, and whatever role you may have as your job, you may very well be doing, but since you or your company represent over 100 websites, I simply feel that I can not trust whatever company you are working for.

15:12:33 Operator Paul left the chat

I hope this is helpful to others that are confused as I am.

(Updated: June 22, 2013)
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1st Try

Well, at least I was able to find the drug I wanted. (Non controlled) Didn't get a warning from my anti-virus that this site was compromised and the charges were accepted by my cc company. I'll let you know when and if the drugs come, but really, it took me 2 days to find a site that wasn't complete bull, I feel pretty confidant that this will be OK.

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I've been waiting over a month for my order and it has yet to arrive. When I call customer service, I get put on hold for about 10 minutes, then I always get disconnected. Avoid this site!

jon tolley
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Credit card transaction problems

I was unable to complete a transaction with this pharmacy.

The web site is well laid out and easy to navigate.
They had what I was looking for in a variety of brands.
The purchase process was very easy (except at the end)
Online instant message help is available.

They claimed that my credit card transaction did not go through even after my bank said no transaction had been attempted.
They were unable to explain what happened, repeatedly telling me to talk with my bank.
It didn't seem like they were interested in helping me complete my transaction.
I was unable to purchase medication from this pharmacy.

Speed of delivery is ranked low simply because I was unable to complete a purchase. There's no way for me to tell what their speed of delivery would have been had I been able to make a purchase

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Still Waiting.

Ok so i purchase dapoxetine on march 14th. They said no longer then 21 days. After 30 days i messaged them and they said it was still at CUSTOMS and still waiting. after 40days mark from order, I messaged them again and they apologized and told me they would reship them and it could arrive around May 14th. If it arrives on may 14th, that will have been 2 MONTHS just for 10 pills. I am not happy having to wait OVER a month Garanteed, and when they said they reshipped they told me that im not getting anything extra for having to wait longer. So i told them if its not here on the 14th of may that i will be contacting them for a refund and if they dont give it to me immediatly, that my credit card company is already waiting for me to give them the OK that its a FRAUD action. I'll post another review IF my pills finally arrive but i would recommend trying somewhere else FIRST. i have also ordered from another site and waiting to end of arpil to see if it arrives on time or not. Find out which sites are better. This one is not one of them.

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How does this website give them 4+ stars????

Ordered based on the review from this website. BIG MISTAKE. 40+ days & I have never received product. Their "customer service" has been a joke. Plus, believe the hype about the amount of spam that will fill your inbox after giving them your email address. It's unbelievable. Now I'm out $150+ & need to switch to a new email address... Don't be as foolish as I was.

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So far arrivals are trickling in, but use a throw-

They split my order up into multiple chunks, but didn't send the particular sets when they said or in the order agreed upon. Still quick-ship though, about nine days.

That said, no respectable business sells your email address these days - or at least not so blatently. I use a throw-away address serialized to each individual company I deal with, and these guys have been responsible for about fifty pieces of spam a day... Totally unacceptable.

I'm loath to use them again due to this, but they do seem to deliver (so far. Two more shipments pending...)

If you need a throwaway address, try and "let them eat spam"

Addendum posted 11-June-09. Subject: Avoid at all costs

Well I posted a few messages last week and the saga continues with this company - avoid them at all costs. No product and when I attempt to log onto their site to check the status of my order I can no longer log in and when I enter order ids no order comes up as if it does not exist - I tried to question customer service and they had no explanation and were extremely unhelpful. This isn't buyer beware - its turned into buyer avoid totally unless you want your money scammed from you.

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No delivery

I ordered from Canada about 1 month ago and my order has still not been delivered. After repeated attempts talking to customer service they ensured me that it was on its way, then they said it was a little late arriving, then they said it may have been lost - unless my product is delivered shortly...i wont be changing my review - buyer beware i suppose.

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