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Ok, after my second order I want to share my experience with all who is interested in ED pills.
Why I am satisfied with this pharmacy:
1.The pills. They work. They really work despite I was afraid to buy generics at first but after two orders with them I understood that this quality is the same and the price is much lower I paid earlier.
2.The service. Their customer support calls practically at once or next day if the order was placed at night. As they said – they were afraid to call at night not to wake my family up. So I got an email in some minutes and got a call from them in the morning. The support agent appeared to be highly polite and answered all my questions regarding delivery and manufacturer of pills.
3.The delivery. They do not offer COD. But I do not like this method by the way. Their 6-8 days is ok for me, quite fast comparing to a place I ordered before.
4.The package. The pills are very well packed without any damages.
5.They do not spam!! It was a very pleasant surprise for me, that even now after 2 orders with them I do not get a bulk of emails insisting on following this or that link, I do not get calls 5 times a day and no voice mails!! Yes, they offered me a refill and were not intrusive at all!
6.They do not have this strange Indian accent - so I tend to think they are really European company as they say.
Thank you :)

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