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<div>I’ve gotten lots of useful information from this site over the years; I’m happy to be able to contribute information and to give something back. I’m a bit hazy on just how detailed or circumspect I need to be in this public forum, so I’ll apologize in advance if I got that balance wrong. Mods, feel free to redact anything at your discretion 1) I can’t believe this user name was still available! 2) I place an order from for a PDE5 inhibitor. I was a tad wary because there were no recent reviews, but they still accept Amex branded credit cards (including Amex branded cards issued by banks other than Amex itself), and the protections available to a credit card were way more desirable to me than other methods of payment, so I went with that vendor. I’ve very happy that I did. Oddly, I was only able to place one item at a time in my shopping cart; not sure if this was because I was a first time customer, or if this was some strange interaction between my Chrome browser and their web site. 3) The vendor promptly placed a call to the phone number I had given them to confirm the order. 4) My credit card seemed to be handled by securepaymentcart When I went to that site hoping for a status update on my order, I saw offers to buy a broader selection of merchandise than the Lifestyle-drugstore site had offered, including a popular pain reliever that became Schedule IV in August of 2014, and a well known rectangular benzo. I suspect that this was from some other vendor allied with the credit card processor, but I was unclear on that point. 5) Much to my surprise, my package was mailed from a Western European country inside the Schengen Zone within about 3 days of my starting the process. It had a tracking number. It was in my mailbox in the middle of the US about 12 days later. Postage and markings on the parcel confirmed that it was mailed from western Europe. Merchandise was marked with a manufacture date of 5/2019, and an expiration date 3 years out. 6) Testing reveals that the product works just as expected, (and the pricing was competitive, too). All in all, a great transaction from a great vendor.</div>

(Updated: October 11, 2019)
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