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Euroclinix is a long-established and highly reliable website aimed at European customers (they do not deliver to the USA). They will dispatch deliveries the same day for orders placed before 2pm GMT, Monday to Friday and all orders within the EU have free shipping. There are other versions of the website in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portugese, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, and Polish. Select the version you need at


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This website is aimed at European customers, in fact they do not ship to the States. Multilingual website for ordering in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Polish and Portugese. They have a good customer service record and they claim that "Every order dispatched is approved and prescribed by a registered doctor and dispensed from a registered pharmacy with complete discretion." A list of the countries they deliver to is unfortunately not published anywhere on the website however potential customers should note that THEY DO NOT DELIVER TO THE USA. They sell a good range of non-controlled medicines for conditions likes diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, male impotence, plus they sell contraceptive pills.

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(Updated: May 25, 2016)
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Received Genuine Meds in France..... That's Amazin

Impotence pills aren't all the same.Each have their own benefits, which I think euroclinix does well to articulate.After reading that Viagra has been used to treat over 20 million men worldwide I knew this was the medication for me – a cynical chap who wants a reliable impotence medication to improve my sex life. I was pleasantly surprised with the results, not to mention my ability to get and erection again and again within the space of a few hours.

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Excellent Service

I called a customer services representative from last week, with a query about postage. They were extremely helpful and speaking to them reassured me about placing an order. Once I had ordered, my treatments arrived promptly, and they were discreetly packaged. Overall, my experience of was a very good one. I would certainly recommend them.

Tim Albert
(Updated: March 02, 2011)
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Secure & Discreet Services

I always buy Viagra online from the I am very satisfied with its services. euroClinix will be always there to provide us prescription only genuine medicines.

Stephen Oliver
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Great Website

Great website with very good price on web with on time delivery. I would like to rate the website 10/10.

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