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September 23, 2013
The costumer service has been great, I just proceed an order and had a call from them to confirm the details. I think that makes the difference with their competence and as soon as I have the product I will let you know about the quality of it.
October 27, 2013
In reply to an earlier comment

I agree we have had wonderful chat and phone support with them. They are very careful and will not process your order unless they can call you to confirm that it's a legitimate order. We were happy to be able to pay $25 for expedited shipping. We did not have this option with magicpharma, which we also like.
December 15, 2013
Be cautious with After emailing me that they had approved my order they called and called looking for more
information (if they needed more why had they already approved my order? And wasn't the usual information that every other online retailer asks for enough? Too weird) PLUS they wanted to tell me they were now using a Chinese bank which
would cause my bank to charge me international transaction charge. WTH! Why wasn't this disclosed up front?? Smells rotten to me.
Walk away from genericdoctor.
January 15, 2014
In reply to an earlier comment

That is nonsense. What they are doing is providing a service - #1 they are calling to confirm it is a legit order which I appreciated #2 - they say the charge will come from overseas and could be one of 3 banks, one of which is Chinese and that it will cause an international transaction charge. Would you rather they not tell you those things? My bank actually rejected it initially and they called me to tell me this promptly - so I called the credit card company and authorized it and away we go. Yes maybe that should be disclosed better on the website I agree but overall its a uniform experience for everyone so you are making it sound like some sinister scheme
April 09, 2014

I recently placed a order on generic doctor. Heres my unbiased HONEST review. I purchased some generic cialis, when i finished making my purchase i was supposed to receieve a confirmation number along with some medical questions...But then the website had some script error that didnt allow me to proceed so i can get confirmation....Suddenly a few minutes later i receive a call from generic doctor "Jana" asking me to confirm my information with her. I then Explained to her my situation about the site crashing and about not receiving my confirmation number, so she then gives it to me. I found this to be very odd...Also then i notice when i tried to confirm my order Id on their site there was no information on it then i call generic doctor about this and again i speak with jana and they tell me they cancelled my order cause there was a error on the site and that i needed to re-order it, Jana then ask me if I want to make the order with her over the phone or online...I wasnt comfortable doing it over the phone and tell her i would rather do it online first but first i want a email confirming the order was truly cancelled so i wont be over charged...A few minutes later i receive a email confirming that it indeed was cancelled so then I proceed to Order my package again.......Final this time my payment goes through and i receive a payment confirmation. Then 4 days or so later I receive a shipping confirmation number which i can check on some indian post office site, heres the link for their site:

However when i entered my tracking number I get a message saying there is no information on it....I then contact generic doctor again asking about this and again its Jana and she instructs me to wait 3 business days. Now its been 6 days already and still i cant get any tracking information on my package and also note i payed a addition 29.99 for EXPRESS SHIPPING... I have sent them a Email about this as well and have not gotten a response yet....IF I DO OR DONT...I will update you guys on the results.

So far my experience with generic doctor hasn't been great but there call center and online chat feature is somewhat decent and the response time isnt too bad. Therefore i cant say they are unreliable yet. However, I f i do receive my package i will also update everybody here about the quality of their products as well....

Hopefully generic doctor comes through on this so i can leave a positive review and continue business with them...
May 19, 2014
First - I am a real person from North of Dallas in Texas (USA). I went to genericdoctor with some hesitation to get my generic Viagra (100mgs) for a much cheaper price than in the US. I chose to use a temporary credit card that my Mastercard was able to generate for me and tie direct to my own account with a limit of $200 max. The order had a bit of trouble posting on my account page right away. But, tried the chat session and it was picked up by a nice person right away. She was not able to resolve my issue over the phone, but was able to confirm with a quick phone call. She called my own phone number direct for me and worked it out quickly. I think it was just a standard phone verification that had not been communicated well on the emails. But, the phone call cleared it up well and all went smooth after that. I placed my order on April 29 and it was delivered to my house May 17. So, not bad at all! And the tracking numbers provided worked just fine. When it arrived to the port in New York it told me on the USPS tracking website. It went through customs just fine. Although, they did write what was in the package on a customs form that was still taped to the outside of my package. So, that wasn't so cool. But, whatever... I got the pills. I ordered 100 (100mgs) pills and they gave me 20 free. So, very cool on that! I tried out half of one pill Saturday morning when I received the package and did notice an effect within an hour or so. Just for verification I tried the other half later that afternoon, and noticed a lot more of an effect and so did my wife that night. So, I validate the meds work just fine. At least on test number 1. And this was not my first experience with this med from oversees and it seems to work just as well as those or Viagra from Pfizer, which I've tried as well. Happy customer all around, and will recommend to others and use again. thanks! AW from Texas USA
February 09, 2015
They never pick up the phone after the automated system puts you on hold.All you get is music playing and this has been going on for 2 days now and after they keep you on hold for 15 minutes all of a sudden they say that customer service isn't available at this time. I tried the online chat session and it doesn't work and I've emailed them several times with no response so, I'm beginning to think this company is a little shady.
February 27, 2015
First order: fine, well handled, confirming phone call almost immediately, functional drugs. (tadalafil 20s)

Re order: utter garbage. The medication sent had no manufacturer's name (the first order was by Aurochem), and had neither the desired effects nor the side effects I expect, especially when I go over a small dosage. (I cut 20mg into fourths.) Pleased with my first order, I also ordered (generic) sildenafil. These were out-and-out fakes, starch and artifical sugar and bubble-gum flavor.

I have sent several e-mails and attempted phone calls. They first asked for s photo or scan of the packages, but since I sent this the only response has been one brief phone call. The caller either hung up or waa cut off after a couple of minutes and did not call back; the calling number was hidden.

Their supposed reputation for customer satisfaction is misinformation as far as I'm concerned. After a good first order, the re-order was trash and they have not acknowldged that nor made up for it. That's just theft and fraud.
March 20, 2015
In reply to an earlier comment

Agree with your assessment. I had two good smal orders. When I placed a larger order it was a total mess. Double charged, was promissed a refund, haven't seen it. Half of the actual order showed up.
May 13, 2016
Be aware that these people will sell your contact info!!!
I made one order and it was all good. I used my cell phone number with them, as I'm not around a land line very often.

I had planned on making more orders, but not now!!!

After a while, I started getting spammed daily with Many emails, saying things like, "May we contact you, ---, at phone number ---?" (--- is my personal info!) Every email contains a link that is always different. Then I would get phone calls at all times of the day on this cell phone. I still get all of this, well after a year!!! Note that I never give out my cell number to anyone. I just happened to do that once, with these folks, so I know it's Generic Doctor that sold my info.

I will NEVER order from these people in India, at least not without a temporary phone and email.

13 results - showing 1 - 10
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